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Jamie Fenris
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9 Feb 2017, 05:19 PM
Jamie Fenris
9 Feb 2017, 03:37 PM
9 Feb 2017, 10:31 AM
Jamie Fenris
8 Feb 2017, 09:23 PM
8 Feb 2017, 04:37 PM
This only works if you dont give your account away on a platter EG. Giving them your pin and account details.
Pretty much. I use yahoo for a few of my accounts. It's really on the 'hackee' to mess up. They can't do anything unless the victim acts.

One last time for the hard of hearing.

If they hijack your email. They hijack your rs account. They wait out your pin.


You can do NOTHING.

Obviously if you want to give them your pin and security instead of letting them wait out your bank pin you can get your account back 3 days quicker.

The End. Please stop saying you do not have to act because some people may not adopt a two step authenticator email and that is the point of me banging on this drum. You are being flippant and inaccurate.
They have to get your email in the first place for that. Which if a database DOES get compromised, the provider will generally tell you to change your password. Two factor is optimal and I'd suggest everyone use it, yeah, but it's not necessary when you can be safe enough without it is all. :huh: I don't mean to come off as 'flippant and inaccurate' but truthful, there is absolutely no excuse for somebody to have their account 'hacked' unless they mess up somewhere down the line. My own account has been 'hacked' in the past because I was stupid about it. It only takes somebody to have a lapse of judgement for a minute, and that's really all it is. I get you're upset with what happened to you, but that shouldn't happen to people if they protect themselves correctly from the get-go. Sorry.
My email password is changed regularly and is not the same as any other password I had. It was unique. I did not have two step authenticator on my email and I was not aware that I required this on my emails. If I did not know and a large number of people have addressed this as a result of what has been happening, then I claim a minor victory. If I had been received by everyone saying that I was alone in not having two step I would continue my stint on the backside kicking machine. This is not the case. My thread still stands and if you have already got two step authenticator - well done my truck is not with you and I applaud your security. I was not contacted by my email provider to change my email or to this day to have two step. Which is pretty redundant now as I will never darken my door with a yahoo account ever again. Gmail for the win. And as for being upset with what happened to me - frankly its just a game but these people arent just intruding on people's games, these are personal emails which in some cases may have sensitive, private and confidential content. I want these people locked out of everybodies email accounts and for a message to be passed on. I do this with concern, not out of being upset.
Hey, as long as everyone is being safer, whatever, that's good. But people shouldn't need a reminder to protect themselves, everyone should protect themselves as best they can, always.
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