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Viewing Single Post From: 2 NEW EVENT MANAGERS NEEDED!
Posted ImageAlexandru
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Cow Tipper
Job Title: Event Manager(s)

Job Purpose: Assist the clan leaders by managing the events in order to have a smooth organisation at the time of the event and make the event as active as possible. This helps the clan achieve it's objectives of being more active and more organised. This is a shared role with other event managers.

Reports to: Head of Events

Very active in Game (8pm GMT and or weekend event times, 3PM and 8PM)
Install and be ready to use Team Speak 3, as and when required.

Personal Qaulities Required:
Positive Person
Organised Person
Good Time Management
Good communication skills
Ability to work well with other event Managers and Head of Events.

Before an event:
Advertise event in game every 5-10 times
Encourage others to attend event.

At event time:
Take a fall in
Take a screenshot of the list of attendees
Post screenshot to events forum, screenshot section.

Event itself:
Partake in the event
Answer any questions, especially from new members.
Be helpful and fun, create a positive and fun atmosphere at events.

Leadership Responsibilities:
CC: Coordinator rank + Avatar
Forum: Forum Rank + Additional Access
RuneHints: Ability to post & modify events.
TeamSpeak: Event Manager rank.

Positions available:
Wednesday - 8 PM - Penguins
Saturday - 8 PM - Weekend Skill Competition Event
We will offer training and a trial period.

Hope to see many applications, good luck. :)
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2 NEW EVENT MANAGERS NEEDED! · Clan Positions & Member List