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Viewing Single Post From: Mad March 2017 Winners!
Posted ImageWise Choice
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Greetings fellow clan members!
I am pleased to announce we've reached our 2 BILLION XP GOAL!
It was amazing seeing the entire clan work together and beat the clock in record time. :)

Without further ado, here are the WONDERFUL WINNERS:

Most Levels Gained
1st Most levels: 12.5M - Gudge92 (101 levels)
2nd Most Levels: 10M - Lordcurtis (73 levels)
3rd Most Levels: 7.5M - Fuenhai (69 levels) PAID

Most XP Gained
1st Most XP: 20M - Razor159753 (104,803,254 xp) PAID
2nd Most XP: 15M - Wise Choice (103,833,425 xp) PAID
3rd Most XP: 12.5M - Toiletbreak (102,054,742 xp) PAID
4th Most XP: 10M - Onion Bhaji (73,092,146 xp) PAID
5th Most XP: 7.5M - Jop (66,709,758 xp) PAID

Rank 6 - Rank 12 ~ Random Prize Draw
1st Drawn: 5M - Psycho Snail PAID
2nd Drawn: 5M - Tarkovskian

Rank 13 - Rank 20 ~ Random Prize Draw
1st Drawn: 2.5M - S T E45
2nd Drawn: 2.5M - Orion Fervor PAID

To claim your prize, go to THIS THREAD, check how much GP leaders are holding and contact them in-game.
Don't expect them to chase you down!

Event Points
The Event Points will take a little longer to allocate but will be awarded as part of March's activity rather than April.
Please see here for the amount of XP gained throughout the competition.

10M XP - 1 Event Point
20M XP - 2 Event Points
35M XP - 3 Event Points
50M XP - 4 Event Points
+1 extra Event Point for every 20m XP after 50m XP
+1 extra Event Point at 100m XP!
+1 extra Event Point for getting 50 levels!

There is also a medal for all users who gained more than 20m XP.
This is currently being designed and the thread will be updated once it has been created.

Edited by Wise Choice, 4 Apr 2017, 11:00 PM.

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