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Viewing Single Post From: Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?
Posted ImageX I S T S
Elite Member III
Morning All

Its getting towards that time of the month when those a little slow of the mark need to get those all important 4 event points under their belt. The list below is EVERYONE who currently has less than 4 event points on Runehints. It includes those who have posted holiday or away topics as well as those who have spoken to the leadership about their event attendance. Members may also have the odd event point which has yet to be added to runehints, if your unsure attend a few events to make sure.

Questionable 3
Bug Up 3
Yatzi04 3
Weevi 3
Saberteeths 3
Wise Choice 3
Onion Bhaji 3
Mausje 3
Junglebiscui 2
MR D R A G 2
Nab Fox 2
Antworth 2
Juskara 2
Phladdin 2
Blue Peter 2
CharlieBrown 2
noraB 2
Memento Mori 2
Bobby 2
Toxicwhitey 2
CrazyMage 2
Psycho Snail 2
The Six Pigs 1
Little Boop 1
Kingtrukr 1
Razor159753 1
Magdelenia 1
Lanaitsu 1
Poey 0
GingerDave 0
A Man Eater 0
Kasey311 0
Homiegotstr 0
lilwes 0
KaramelSutra 0
Foxxed 0
Shmagger 0
99 IRL 0
Tekstorm 0
Velits 0
CaffeineBear 0
Tidalwave30K 0
razoirre 0
Siiros 0
Ooky 0
Small Print 0
Harvery 0
Pilee 0
Sguishy 0
Killertom63 0
Loggery 0
Pookers 0
JPonyD 0
Kingy 0
shadowcaster 0

p.s. Those in their first month with us don't have to worry about gaining 4 event points but it would be great to see you at our events or capping (and posting) at our citadel :D

Any problems with seeing your name above please post below or speak to a Leader. Thanks for reading all :)
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