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Viewing Single Post From: Changes to Mentoring (including a new Mentor!)
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Hi everyone,

A few months ago, I had a very large open conversation between my team of mentors and the leaders of the clan. It was agreed that sometimes Mentors felt unrewarded for the things they help achieve, this is something that as leaders we definitely didn't want to hear but could see where they were coming from. Since then we have recruited new a new mentor to help reduce the pressure on the team and are now introducing a new system of Mentor of the Month!

At present mentors are required to talk to new clan members and educate them about all things to do with the clan - the rules, how events work, how to use the calendar, etc... There's a really long list that we ask for mentors to help new members with. This means that when a new member joins the clan they are well prepared and ready to experience TBE.

Clan Mentor Recruitment
A little while, before I disappeared on holiday for a month, I posted a thread looking for aspiring new mentors - firstly I would like to say thank you to all of those who applied. It was a very hard decision to choose who we were going to recruit but in the end we managed it. I would like to congratulate Clar3y for her success of now being welcomed to the team, I'm sure she'll fit in and hopefully contribute to the growing force that is The British Elites.

New Member Survey
This is a new concept which I've been working on and will be starting from August 4th 2017 - anyone who was recruited to TBE between July 1st and July 7th 2017 will be sent a survey regarding the performance of their mentor. This will then be done on a weekly basis around 4 weeks after the member joined the clan - so the next batch would be sent out on August 11th to anyone who joined the clan between July 8th and July 14th 2017.

These surveys will allow us to see where (if at all) we are slacking and allow us to remedy that. At the end of the survey, the results will be counted up and a score will be generated for the mentor; this will then be combined with other results and allow us to see which mentor performed the best throughout the first month of the new members time with the clan.

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The survey itself is very short and composes of less than 10 questions with only a few tickboxes which are mandatory, there are some text boxes but these are option and up to the person completing the survey. As a thank you, and a bit of a bonus, all members who complete their survey within a week of receiving it will receive one additional event point; we may extend it to having them entered into a small prize draw but again this will be up to the mentors and new members to the clan.

Edit: As part of a teething process, I will also send surveys to members who joined in June.

MoTM - Mentor of The Month
Once the survey system is up and running, it will be used to score how mentors perform on a monthly basis. I will just say this stage is currently still being worked on as we need to work out what works best for the mentors themselves. But the basic concept is that when we've reached the end of the month then we will have a new 'Mentor of the Month'. As far as having a timescale, the last surveys for July would be sent out on September 1st, I would most likely give it a week for responses and then announce the Mentor with the highest July score on September 8th, similarly the mentor with the highest August score would be announced on October 6th.

Please remember that this a trial for us to see what could work as we go into the future, it's currently unknown how much pressure this will put on myself, other leaders and the mentors but for now we are currently willing to give it a go. If anyone has any feedback, comments or anything they wish to add then please reply below or send me a PM.
Edited by Wise Choice, 30 Jul 2017, 04:05 PM.

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