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Viewing Single Post From: Need new event manager
Posted ImageWars
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I'm still fairly new to the clan but I think I would be a great addition to the events team.

I am able to be active on Sundays, able to properly manage, organize an event to make sure everyone has complete understanding of the event and of what the whole purpose of the event is. I am very active at answering questions related to events regardless of rank and I understand the proper protocol to make sure everyone properly is rewarded their event points.

I've always taken a liking to helping out to whatever cause I may serve; very optimistic, without needing a reason. Self motivated and very easy to communicate with. Able to use Teamspeak during events, will also encourage the use of TeamSpeak as I feel it can only strengthen a bond between clan members, which is ultimately the grand experience of being in a clan. Sundays work best for me because I don't have many commitments on Sundays due it being the end of the weekend. Usually just wrapping up work, which is done in the later day for me (GMT-5) 3 PM would be when the Sunday event is handled; which is prime time for me to be online.

Very communicative in terms of when I cannot be present and when I can, endorsing events to members and again; making sure everyone knows how to properly attend, and do said event. If you chose to not add me due to my fairly new activity; I will understand but I am confident that there should really be no other reason as I have past experience with handling much higher volume activities and am able to help out with these events.

I hope you consider me, if you have anymore questions I am fairly active in-game and on the forums. Let me know regardless; take care.

- Zach
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