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Posted ImageScilly
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I made an intro post the first time I joined but didn't stay very long and never made one the second time when I actually stayed in the clan for ~2 years. I'm not particularly talkative so figured I'd announce my presence here.


I'm Emma. Finished uni this year and have since been philosophising life and confusing myself. I've played this game for around 13 years and have been in somewhere around 11 clans in that time, about half of them for a significant amount of time. RS has certainly changed over the years and I've enjoyed the different eras of it I've experienced in different clans.

The game itself has changed a lot now than when I trained up most of my skills and I've been playing an ironman since the start of this year to play the game more for what it is now. It also challenges me to complete things I'm usually too lazy to bother with :) . I'm also more inclined to play if I have goals which I've been lacking on this account but I'll think of something to do.

Usually have PM on if you're interested in a semi-responsive conversation.

p.s Buying buckets
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