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Viewing Single Post From: Introduction - Mayb3not
Posted ImageMayb3not
Brand New Member
1. Introduce yourself/Real Life -
Hey my name is Mike, i'm from the North West of England im in my mid twenties and my favourite hobby is Triathlon/Swimming sadly. !warrior

2. Runescape Life -
I enjoy both pvm and pvp even though I spend more time in the graveyard than actually being succesful at them. I've only just recently got back into RS so I'm still finding my feet as I havent a clue how to even use the REV bar yet.

3. Clan Life -

Clan Name -
Angels Ascending
This was a step up clan to eventually join SA it was good fun met alot of nice people however it slowly declined as players left and joined SA

Clan Name 2 -
Solar Angels
This was where I spent most of my RS playing days it was a very active clan and competed in all aspects of the game primarily F2P Clan Warring in the Wilderness prior to Clans Wars / Bounty Hunter.

Clan Name 3 -
The British Elites
I spent a short period of time here before leaving the game due to work and school life etc.

4. Why i want to join -
I was previously a member of TBE it was a fun clan back then and presumably not much has changed :) I wanted a clan where I could attend events within my timezone and meet people who enjoy playing games.

5. Contact me -
Priimarily In game or Disc is the easiest way as I break my phone more times than my insurance can repair it :'(
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