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Posted ImagePoey
Hey Everyone,

I posted on Holiday topics a few months ago to let everyone know that I'll be inactive for a while due to being really busy in real life and not finding time to play the game and get event points.

I've found a bit more time now and things have calmed down so I feel I can now get the event points again.

I thought I'd take the time to re-introduce myself as there are a lot of people here that I don't know.

1. Introduce yourself/Real Life -
My name is Sean and I live in the North West of England. I work in IT for a living and I'm mid twenties.
I enjoy gaming ofcourse! ;) I like to play Runescape 3 and PUBG :) It's good to mix it up! Other things include going to the gym, spending time with friends etc.

2. Runescape Life -
Ok so I made my account probably about 13 years ago now, I checked not too long ago and I am less than two years off the 15 year cape. I've played on and off over the years and would never get rid of my account because I always like to have my account to come back to if I find interest again. I don't understand people who just give their accounts away after having it for so long :(

I've mainly enjoyed PvM over the years and I've never really concentrated on maxing my account as it's a bit too much of a grind for me, although there aren't too many 99's left now but still quite a few. I try to AFK sometimes to get some of the easier skills up (currently 98 mining and 98 smithing).

Main thing I enjoy at the moment is PvM, I did a fair bit of Nex AoD but mainly just in masses. I'm enjoying gwd2 at the moment so if anyone wants to go there, give me a pm!

3. Clan Life -

The Only previous clan I have been part of which doesn't exist anymore was called AS (Assassins Shadow)
This was a long time ago now, and to be fair we got absolutely owned by TBE in the bounty arena once so when looking for a new clan I knew this was a good one so I thought I'd apply!

Originally joined TBE in 2008 looking to make some new in-game friends as I've lost touch with most people and don't hardly speak to people in game.

4. Why i want to join - N/A Reintroduction

5. Contact me - Either in game or on Discord, I'm in the TBE Channel. :)
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