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Viewing Single Post From: December Mega-Patch
Posted ImageMooge
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Convincing Flippers McGraw to join your crew has been added to the requirements for the Salty title.

A milestone for the Arc has been added to the third tab of the achievement interface.

Talking to Sensei Hakase to determine your requirements for the Salty title now opens the achievement interface.

All quests now display their length in the quest overview screen and when hovering their quest start icon on the worldmap.

The quest list can now be organised by quest length.

Quest overview screen changes:

Suggested quests can now be clicked to jump to that quest, like required quests.

The suggested requirement disclaimer has been standardised.

The Fifth/Sixth Age footer has been simplified, removing the expand button and including less text.

Dimension of Disaster has been re-classified as a Sixth Age quest.

The following quests have been re-classified as Fifth Age: Animal Magnetism, Ernest the Chicken, The Fremennik Isles, Glorious Memories, Mountain Daughter, Royal Trouble, Rune Mysteries, Throne of Miscellania, Tower of Life, Underground Pass.

Hero's Welcome now has suggested requirements of One of a Kind and Ritual of the Mahjarrat.

Ritual of the Mahjarrat now has The General's Shadow miniquest as a suggested requirement.

Kindred Spirits now has Deadliest Catch as a suggested requirement.

Birthright of the Dwarves now has The Fremennik Isles and Watchtower as suggested requirements.

Legacy of Seergaze now has Shades of Mort'ton as a suggested requirement.

A quest icon has been added to the Wanted!, Monkey Madness, Recruitment Drive, As a First Resort, Zogre Flesh Eaters, Vampyre Slayer, Dream Mentor, Blood Runs Deep, Between a Rock, Contact!, Legends' Quest, Rag and Bone Man, Monk's Friend, Observatory Quest, Clock Tower, Gertrude's Cat, Fairy Tale I and Fairytale II quests.

Now that all quests have an overview screen (praise be to Mod Stu), clicking a quest in the Featured tab now opens the quest overview, instead of the quest journal.

Reward lamp changes:

Dragon Slayer's Defence and Strength lamp requirements have been lowered from 50 to 40.

The required level for the reward lamps of Dragon Slayer and The Knight's Sword are now listed in their quest overview, and if not yet claimed there's a reminder in the quest's journal.

The Dragon Slayer and The Knight's Sword reward lamps are now bankable. (Though they can be destroyed and reclaimed from the quest giver when needed.)

The Vampyre Slayer Attack XP lamp can now be used in any basic combat skill.

The Prayer XP for completing the One Piercing Note quest is now awarded in the form of a lamp.

The Summoning XP for completing the Wolf Whistle quest is now awarded in the form of a lamp.

Last week's hotfixes

28/11, 9:00 UTC: Fixed an issue that was causing Ironman firsts broadcasts to retrigger.

28/11, 10:40 UTC: Fixed an issue with the powers button on the ribbon not working correctly during The Blood Pact quest.

28/11, 17:00 UTC: Expired 2017 premier club members can once again use their Desert Pantheon aura up until the end of the year.

29/11, 10:50 UTC: Applied a further fix to correct players during the Blood Pact quest.

01/12, 9:50 UTC: Fixed the Treasure Hunter "key earned" popup repeatedly appearing.
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