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Viewing Single Post From: [Accepted]Qi [reapplication]
Posted ImageQi
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1 - Have you registered an account on these forums using your RuneScape DISPLAY name? Your forum username should be the same as your RSN Display name
- Yep.

2 - Runescape display name:
- Qi / Qistmas / Pumpqin depending on the time of year but you all know that anyway.

3 - Combat Level:
Please note: We have a combat level requirement of 100 to join the clan. For tips on how to achieve this take a look at our combat leveling guide.
- Maxed.

4 - Who were you recruited by?(if any)
- Qi, the best recruiter.

5 - How Did You Find Out About This Clan?
- Qi, the best advertiser.

6 - What clan are you currently in, if any?
- 4S, deputy leader / leader. (just left)

7 - What Is The 6th General Rule?
- Don't talk about Fight Club..?
(6) You must not backstab or kill other members on RuneScape, we are a clan - a team - we stick together)

8 - Are you able to attend clan events at 8pm GMT?
- If I'm not out getting plastered.

9 - What country are you living in/what is your timezone?
- Wales / 1956.

10- Why Do You Want To Join TBE? (30 Words Or More)
- I'm basically being forced to against my will. But not by Tixy because she is really awesome and would never do such a thing. Tixy is a legend. *cough*says Tixy*cough*

11- Please confirm that you own the runescape account by either contacting a leader ingame to vouch for you or by posting a screenshot of you saying "TBE FTW" (making sure to show your runescape name)Click here for a guide on how to.
- I am not a robot, etc.,etc.

12- Runescape names you have used in TBE before?
- Qi, Junglebiscuit.

13- If you have any questions regarding TBE or the application process then please state them here:
- nope.
Edited by Qi, 7 Dec 2017, 10:51 AM.
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