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Viewing Single Post From: Jambo098 Introduction
Posted Imagejambo1
Brand New Member
1. Introduce yourself/Real Life -

Hello, my real name is James. I'm 21 and I live in Essex, UK. Other than Runescape, i enjoy being outside amongst trees and by water. I play football once a week and i have to drive 100+ miles for work each day! I have a girlfriend who lives in Bath, i go to see her most weekends (that's an extra 100 miles).

2. Runescape Life -

Currently a level 128 noob. I've had an account since around 2007, played a lot then quit and have only recently come back to the game. I'm currently training slayer and getting the rest of my combat skills to 99 while trying to make as much gp as possible. I like playing minigames and mainly enjoy doing things combat related including bossing which i'm keep to learn more about as i've only done a few.

3. Clan Life -

I haven't been in any other clans.

4. Why i want to join -

I want to be in a community of people from the same place as me so we can play together often and will be on at similar times. I want to take part in clan events and go bossing as much as possible. Whenever you're going bossing let me know and i'll come along!

5. Contact me -

The best way to contact me is through Runescape: Jambo098
I'm also on Discord if others are when bossing.

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