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Viewing Single Post From: January's Slow Starters
Posted ImageX I S T S
Elite Member III
Ello all

January's always been a slow month so I think its a good idea to give those below 4 event points a push in the right direction. Below is a full list of all our members with less than 4EP's.

Teh Nub Lol 3
Bubble King 3
Gewn 3
27000 3
I Hexy I 3
Pola 3
Qi 2
Mayb3not 2
Toxicwhitey 2
MR D R A G 2
Gudge92 1
IronCharlie3 1
Mausje 1
Bug Up 1
MetaAnalysis 1
K a t e 1
Fudge Dunker 1
Small Print 1
CharlieBrown 1
Rodisiac 0
BantaOrange 0
PhatMeme69 0
Cb3w5 0
ClaraSesh 0
Reisbrei0 0
99 IRL 0
February 3rd 0
M r Daniel 0
Savor Fate 0
oziens 0
Little Boop 0
Bobby 0
Uruk Can 0
Lanaitsu 0
Foxxed 0
Bigroror 0
i np 0
Razor159753 0
Magdelenia 0
Baron 0
Memento Mori 0
Tekstorm 0
Yatzi04 0
Arbalist 0
Wise Choice 0
Sguishy 0
Loggery 0
Siobhn 0
Lambx 0
kd103 0

There is plenty of time to get a few event points in before time runs out, why stop at four when its so easy to get many more? There may be a few events which have yet to be added. This is NOT the final list for the month and just to remind our newest members that if you've only just joined us or returned your first month with us you do not need to worry about gaining 4EP's, but we would love you to get them anyway :wub:
Those who've mentioned to a leader or posted on forums that your not going to be able to gain you events points for this month are also fine, even if your name is above so don't worry :D
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