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Viewing Single Post From: hi its ailmere here
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1. Introduce yourself/Real Life - Hi im ailmere in game , but my real name is Liana my friends call me Lia,
i live in cornwall lots of beaches and pasties lol. i work as a support worker for adults with autisum and learning dissabilites , love my job its full on but rewarding.
i do work 24 hour shifts at times so runescape time can be limited .
oh yeh nearly forgot lol im 48, have 3 kids 27 ,21, 17 are the ages.
also 3 dogs a 10 year old beagle ,
10 year old sproker, and a 9 year old ( cut and shunt) lol loosley called a jack russell cross / lhasa apso.( by the way for those who dont know cut and shunt is a term used when two parts of different cars are welded together i know shes not a car but it just stuck lol.) !jester

2. runescape Life - Ive played runescape for 13 years now never changed my runescape name as i never felt the need i like skilling and killing im lvl 138 and atm im 2bill total lvl hopeing for a couple more 200mills in magic and constition soon . !dance

3. Clan Life - well as ive played for 13 years ive been in a fair few clans over the years held different ranks from recruit to owner. dont like drama and infighting in clans to much on runescape atm why we cant all get on is beyond me lol. !wall

4. Why i want to join - well i have looked at quite a few clans and guested in a few cc before making a decision, tbh it was purely based on how people were with each other, if they spoke to guests and were genuinely nice .so you guys won lol !cheer

5. Contact me -either ingame feel free to add me and chat or i do have discord and have downloaded ts as i noticed u like that to lol. !sp
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