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Hi all,

Just a quick post to let you know some of the changes I've made to Discord recently.

1) Staff groups have been merged, they still have seperate colours to tell them apart but this should appear less cluttered.

2) A channel for Runescape News has been added to ensure you stay on top of new content within the game (this is automatic)

3) A channel for TBE Social Media has been added - this includes a feed of TBE's Twitter, Youtube and Twitch. It also includes member's Twitch streams should they want it to be added.

4) The voice & text channels have been tidied up.

5) New staff channels have been added for Mentors & Event Managers to aid communication which should make a better experience for the clan.

6) A working Trivia bot has been installed and has a home in #Trivia.

7) A new PvM Role & Channel has been added to aid Uruk Can's move towards encouraging and creating PvM teams - bug him for more details.
To gain access to the PvM channel, you will need to meet the following requirements: Tier 80+ Armour, Tier 85+ Weapons, Overloads, Level 95 Prayer (with Curses) and able to TS/Discord Voice. If you meet these, please send a PM to Uruk Can.

8) A number of new commands have been added to help find clan resources (type !help in #general).

9) A new bot has been added which brings multiple features (we're still working on it) including levels & XP - currently this has no benefit other than a leader board but maybe in the future (see here)

10) Unfortunately the music bot has been retired - if you would like to see the return of it then please let me know, else Plug.dj seems sufficient.

As we move into the future, there are a number of changes which I would like to see further - a few which are unique to us as a thriving RuneScape clan. Our next goal is to add an automatic feed to Discord for important forum threads such as announcements, competitions, etc.

If anyone has any suggestions or feedback then please let me know.

On a final note, I've been through the Discord Thread and added everyone who didn't previously have access. Anyone in our temporary #joining channel has been kicked from the server, again to keep it tidy - you can simply rejoin using the invite link if you've been kicked (just make sure to verify yourself this time!!).


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