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Viewing Single Post From: hmmm thats odd
omfg its your GOD!!!
Apr 17 2006, 06:04 PM
Firstly i'd like to start off by repeating my first statement:

Why are you guys haunting our forum? U sound a bit bitter to me...Think u should stop spamming TBEs site with these rumours and start spooning out whatever sand u have in your vagina.

There. Now thats over I will address a few of your concerns without swearing or flying off the handle even tho u seem unable to do that yourself. Magic frog was a member of the origional tbe, decided it was a good thing and so remade the great clan. When I joined I didn't know much about it but wanted to join a British clan so that events weren't at stupid times. My first few months were great and I really enjoyed meeting up and taking part. I then suggested to magic frog that we need a website for better communication between members and designed one which he approved. By doing things like that I worked my way up through the ranks and the same goes for goofi and h2o.

When magic decided to move on to a different game we thought that we had a good thing going and decided to keep the clan going. Hence the three leaders. So I think we have every right to run this clan and now having worked our way up and it is definately getting upto speed as some of u saw on Saturday. :)

I used to be impressed by the old members of tbe and look upto u guys in hope of fully restoring what u were experiencing years ago. I even hoped some more of u would re-join to help us out. When I read posts like that last one it dissapoints me and u are losing what little respect remains. So please now do me a favour and get off my site.

Magic frog was a member of the origional tbe, decided it was a good thing and so remade the great clan

thats funny i dont remember him

i actually didnt mind that tbe was goin on after i left coz i let b00nt0ns carry on and a grand job he done with it as well, then i really dont have a clue what happened from then on

then a couple of months down the line i came back to rs to see if it was any better (lol no it wasnt) and then there was talk of me taking over it again, ish at the time got the clan handed down to her.

a few days down the line i long onto msn get invited into a convo and get my head torn of me by ish....... she wudnt let me explain that i waso nly back to see if i liked the game but b4 i cud say it she pissed me off enough and i said "if i wanted the clan back i cud take it" ish (apparently the gambling kind of woman) seen this as a wager claimed that i cudnt, so then i came firing back in retook overt he clan (w00h00) but ohh noo....... rs has lost its appeal!!!

so here i am leading a clan in a game i try to avoid playing ,as u can imagine it wasnt long till the whole thing collasped, then i rather ungracefully closed down the clan

so the morale, tbe wud probably still be goin if it wasnt for the menstrual cycle but anyway thats my 1st hand account of the fall of tbe

but anyway the thing that annoyed me about the new tbe was the fact it was "new" it destroyed all of the histroy of tbe, which probably is the incurrect term to use as none of u really were there from the start,

ok i dont what im sayin anymore but the only way this tbe wud have been as good as it was is if you actually done a little reserach and got some previous members to help, hell i wud have helped if i known, instead of the "ohh look thats a good clan name well steal that" approach as what it looked like

ok ifuve read all that i applaud u, coz i wudnt bother :P

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look at my leet level and full r00n with purple cape guardian
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