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Posted ImageJunglebiscuit
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Since I took over, I have always said that I welcome any of the old tbe members to help us out (we need it sometimes!!). I have met quite a few of u guys and u all seem nice, your experience of the old clan would be good to pass onto newer guys like me instead of fighting with us all the time. I agree that it sounds like it was the wrong way to do it - I had no control over starting the clan again cause I wasn't aware of it but when I joined and talked to guys like magic frog, darkriotcher, kill me nub and some of the older members that did rejoin, I learnt a lot about tbes history. Long storey short - this clan has reformed and will not be falling apart now if I have any say on the matter so u can either work with us (which I would love) or keep opposing us.
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!guardianPosted Image!guardian
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