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1) Runescape Name: SirMillsy0

2) Have you had any past experience with leading a pk team/pking clan? or even helped out calling fall ins on pk trips?

Yes, In my previous clan I was the head warlord and PK leader. Whilst I've been in TBE I've lead Unofficial PK trips, called fall ins in F2P trips/PKRI's/Wars whilst no fall in leaders were present. I've been in PK teams in the past and i know a thing or two :)

3) How would you be able to contribute or improve TBE's pking skills/warring skills?

The main thing I would improve as a new PK leader would be:

Pile Switching - Whilst I've been in TBE I've notice our pile switching hasn't been great ( I believe that was our major downfall in the fight against corr ) Once we've killed somebody, If there is a hybrid just south of us I won't bother to call a fall in I would switch straight onto them therefore bringing instant Ko's ( Obviously this wouldn't work in all circumstances and in some would work against us )

TS Calling - I've notice that sometimes during PK trips and wars our TS is sometimes silent, this shouldn't be, as the PK leader I would constantly call our location, pile, level of person we're piling, I would also shout encouragement as our TS always seems to be negative when usually we're doing excellent

Fights -
I would also get us better fights that we usually do, ATM i realise we can't take on RoT in a PKRI as they will return all night and end up getting into their timezone which would work against us, I would get us fights that I know we will win but will be a challenge, ( Clans such as 3v0, TSC )
Contacts -
I have alot of contacts, IRC, MSN, Ingame, this will help us get AC's to some of our fights, help us get fights, and help us in fights.

4) What do you think you can offer the clan (in this possition) over what other people can offer?

I know the wilderness like the back of my hand, I know where we should log out, where we should fight, what worlds we should fight in, other clan's homeworlds etc. The thing I love to do is PK, and now when I see this i don't mean solo edge, I mean with the clan, with TD etc, as PK leader I can bring my passion for PKing into the clan. i think I'm pretty motivational because when you have passion about something you're able to motivate other people around you easier.

5) How would you resolve an issue on a PK trip, if a lot of members where misbehaving?

I would try to not make such a big deal of it were a few people and try to PM them about it on IRC/MSN, or the other option is to make an example of them and Warn them or dot them. on the other hand if it were a large group of PK I would set them straight, "We came on this PK trip to kill other clans with you missbehaving like you're that may cause us not to beat the other clans, If you carry on missbehaving then just leave the trip."

6) If you could set up a PKRI with any clan, which one would it be, and why would you do this?

3v0 (P2P PKRI) - They have similar abilities to us on P2P although I believe we have the edge over them, we don't get alot of P2P planned PKRI's and it would be good to set up one with a clan who would offer a challenge to TBE although deep down I would know TBE would come out on top ( Well let's face it no-one likes losing ).

this section is all about the loyalty you have towards TBE

1) Will you return, even if the fight looks slim that we are going to win?

I will return until the fight has ended whether we win or lose, I will return until returning is called off or until I am the only returner, this means no matter how many opts they have, how badly they out level us, how many looters/1 itemers are on the battlefield.

2) Will you stick With your possition through bad spells/dry patched of Pking?

If I had the honour of recieving the role of PK leader I would stick with it until the end, However many opts we had, however bad it's going, I will still be there.

3) Will you remain loyal to tbe and Always have TBEs best intrests at heart? (no BSing/Leading us to death/giving away our location) I would never BS our clan, I would never lead them to a clan which I knew were waiting to kill us and I would also not lead us into a fight knowingly will be slaughtered,( I mean a fight where we have NO chance e.g DI + DF vs TBE )

That's all folks

-Millsy :wub:
PROUD Ex Member Of TBE 12/10/07 - 31/12/07
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