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Viewing Single Post From: Pk leader Application form
Posted Imagebramschreu55
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Dec 8 2007, 06:04 PM
1) Runescape Name: TheSack4.

2) Have you had any past experience with leading a pk team/pking clan? or even helped out calling fall ins on pk trips? Yes I led NI for many years.

3) How would you be able to contribute or improve TBE's pking skills/warring skills? I will set up fights that we will always lose.

4) What do you think you can offer the clan (in this possition) over what other people can offer? I can not tank more than 6 opts of someone in hides.

5) How would you reslove an issue on a PK trip, if a lot of members where misbhaving? BackStab them all.

6) If you could set up a PKRI with any clan, which one would t be, and why would you do this? DF for the banter and our returning ability has come through leaps and bounds we could easily take DF.

this section is all about the loyalty you have towards TBE

1) Will you return, even if the fight looks slim that we are going to win?No Dont be Silly.

2) Will you stick With your possition through bad spells/dry patched of Pking? No if we are doing bad il leave.

3) Will you remain loyal to tbe and Always have TBEs best intrests at heart? (no BSing/Leading us to death/giving away our location) No have you seen the money AG offer for the calender and our worlds. Makes us look amazing.

union u bad boy :) scotland lalalal union should get the possision
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