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_____________________ archangel The history of The British Elites archangel _______________________

The British Legion was Co-lead by Ltx Tinman and 13lack Gore, Ltx lead the melee unit of the clan and 13lack lead the Ranger unit however it became increasingly obvious that 13lack Gore wasn’t active within the clan especially on the day of TBL's War with The Black Dragons which showed a minimal attendance for TBL. Ltx decided it was time to leave and create a new clan called “The British Elites”

He took with him 5 other members that he felt could help him make the clan to its best these were: Barf ii, Chakugan, H8ted, Pure C0ober and Nitr021, the idea of having these people was that they could share the workload and if one went inactive for any reason then they could handle it, this made the High Council, the leadership of TBE, they all had joint responsibilities and joint privileges. On July 3rd 2004 The British Elites was born.

The requirements were 75+ combat, there were a lot of applications in the first week a lot coming from The British Legion but as they were trying to create a new clan and cleanse it of anyone that was inactive they didn’t accept them all but let them reapply at a later date if they wished too. TBE was a big success on RSB and many people joined them in their journey to increase their ranks.

Over time TBE had built up a relationship with The Black Dragons with us being ranked Number 1 and 2 on the RSB clans ranking they were always fighting and changing spots. Some of TBE's council started to have troubles and had to leave the game H8ted and Nitro21 were the first to go and were replaced by Uberoverlord and Shiviscool. Finally one month, Barf ii and Ltx found that they couldn’t pay for membership anymore and had to step down from TBE as it was a P2P based clan.

It was decided to hand the clan over to Buttons17 (The first sign of a leader on their own), when Barf ii managed to come back he promptly rejoined TBE to find that the good relationship they had with The Black Dragons had been going downhill since lhim and ltx had left as it was only him and Tin who spoke to the members and leaders of The Black Dragons. On New years day Buttons retired from TBE also and handed leadership over to Pure C0ober, he ever really wanted to control TBE as he left not long after.

Spawn_69er was then placed in charge of the clan and further damaged the relationship with The Black Dragons by placing spies upon them, spawn was later hacked, lost his account and couldn’t continue to lead, Summeresort took up the opportunity to lead the clan, he was a good leader but after a while he decided to follow his friends and join another clan.
The next leader was sangy4jen. Sangy tried to merge TBE with breakthrough and no one really liked it or liked ishard, breakthroughs leader.

Sangy merged TBE with Breakthrough keeping the name but swapping the leaders and staff,
When ltx tinman (co-founder/deputy leader) came back to just check up on RS and see if it was any better, he found that TBE was still alive, one day while he was just on he got pm'ed by Ishard who had a go at tinman saying it was her clan now he couldnt take it back, they argued and Ishard said that he wouldnt be able to take it back, but some time later Tinman was successful and took back TBE, but then again he still didnt like RS so eventually TBE collapsed and was closed down.

Towards the end 2004, early 2005 Zak45 A former member of the previous TBE regime, decided to try and reform TBE with some friends and ex-clan members.
TBE was gaining a lot of momentum on the RSB boards and appeared one of the strongest RSB clans at the time, their main Allies were The Chilled Out Wargamers (COW), and as both clans were on GMT time, they decided to have a Fun FTP Mithril war in preparation for the tougher Full Out wars that lyed ahead.
The war itself involved TBE defending the greaters with COW attacking. Even COW gave itself no chance of winning this TBE had the numbers, levels and experiance. Sadly poor organisation and complacency were TBE's undoing on the day, and COW destroyed TBE, with 1 person from COW dying out of approximately 50 people. The entire TBE clan was sent to Lummy in shame, which was a hell of a shock for everyone concerned, including COW who couldnt quite believe what had occured!
The Alliance collapsed shortly afterwards, TBE fell into a lot of in-fighting and Zak45 couldnt continue as TBE's leader due to real life issues, so closed the clan.
Strangely at the end of 2006 / Early 2007 the Leader of COW (Cosmic Leada), now known as Stoney Cow, and the other COW members who fought against TBE that day, Matt And Zak, Mystical Jin and Alyndavies, Itachi183, Same32, and What286 are now in TBE's ranks proving that despite the loss, TBE outlived the very clan that caused its closure.

Once again another faithfull member of TBE decided that such a great clan should not be forgotten and tried to revive it, Magic frog1 started TBE once again. His first member and friend in real life was Dark wyrm, who is still around, providing motivation and inspiration through the clan. However due to pressure of school (G.C.S.E's) and the slow realisation that runescape was starting to bore him, Magic decided to leave, at that point Junglebiscui had to make a decision either to let TBE die once more or take over and keep it alive. Thankfully, being the legend that he is, he decided to step in and take over. Behind everymans success is a group of people, behind Jungle's success were people.
H20101, who was a member for a long time, he helped with whatever he could and was a big inspiration around the Graphics department.
Goofi, had provided a mature influence for a long time, he was adviser to the clan and was very active and helpful, a perfect member.
Upon seeing TBE restarted Zak came back to TBE, he provided a continuous reality check and helped found the new regime at TBE.


Junglebiscu's promotion to Leader is probably the most important event EVER in TBE's history as he set about dragging the clan up by the scruff of its neck. On the 4th December 2005, he created this clan forum, making reserch into our history a lot easier. Previously all of our information was posted on the Jagex boards meaning it was all lost. For the first few months of his Leadership he set about stabalising TBE and getting a strong team around him so the clan could prosper, while mass recruiting to start a serious assult on the RSB rankings.

3rd June 2006 - TBE changes Requirements to 95+.

10th June - Darkriotchers alleged Party Hat scam
Jungle announces Darkriotchers Leaving TBE
At one point joosua90 said he lent his party hat to Darkriotcher who kept it, however Dark said he didnt take it. Both of these were very important within the clan they had helped hugely in raising the standers in TBE. Now there were arguments within the clan some said Dark had kept it others said Joos was lying, eventually lead to both of them leaving because there was no proof to support either argument.

A while later lillefigo died and ended up in lumby there he saw Joosua pur3 they had a conversation and there lillefigo learnt that Joos had been at duel arena and staked his party hat and if he won he would have earned a red party hat, he was sure he would win but instead he lost. Now he was ashamed to admit he had lost his party hat at the duel arena so he made it up that he lent it to Dark who kept it. After learning this Dark was reinstated within TBE and is now an leader and a pillar within the TBE community.
Joosua90's confession Click here

13th July - King Cheung and Benthereaper promoted to TBE Leadership.

15th July - Doddseyeone and Skilban replace Ben and Cheung as Assistant Leaders.

TBE defeated B0rn on the 26/8/2006 to achieve their long term aim, which was to be the Number #1 Ranked RSB warring clan. TBE Starting 282 / Ending 200.
TBE had always aimed to be the best clan in Runescape and with this wonderful win over a seemingly unbeatable clan the question of "what happens now?" sprung up. Thankfully TBE became of Runescape Community and decided to try and mix it with the "big boys". This was an important step for TBE as we didnt want to sit at the top of RSB feeling we were invincible only for a young hungry clan to knock us off.

TBE quickly realised it would have to buckle up and change its ways, which included starting to recruit off Runescape Community forums, giving TBE a pool of higher quality Runescape players, who had the experiance and knowledge to push TBE closer to greatness.
TBE also took measures to make their under used clan forums busier. The clans general direction centred around stability, including creating a mentoring system to vet and train future clan members, which enables TBE to boot out un-desirables and inactives before they can cause problems.
Also a vagrants system was introduced to keep control of clan discpline which for a time seemd to slip as a result of mass recruitment.

6th September - Crisbduck of The Death Monkeighs approches TBE for an Alliance between our clans. TBE accepts!

TBE deservedly attained a low ranking on the Top 50 RAW list, where they started setting about making an impact amongst the premiere runescape clans. As an initial test they had a war with @narchy (01/10/2006) and were badly mauled, in a short prep PTP war. This was to prove a huge and beneficial wake up call to TBE, which made them realise the importance of spamming, hugging, and organised warfare. A close defeat against the Runescape Elites followed shortly afterwards, but clearly TBE were improving.

TBE made a mistake in concentrating on RSC and taking its eye off the ball as far as RSB went. An up and coming clan called White Dragon Warriors declared a Full Out on us, with TBE choosing to concentrate on Runescape Elites war, we weren't prepared for WDW, their superiour memberlist not being given the respect in deserved and the result was a humiliating defeat for TBE. RSB nulled the war based on a lot of WDW cheating, meaning TBE Kept their RSB #1 rank.
However Mr Jack the RSC RAW manager allowed the result to stand despite the fact it was an RSB war NOT an RSC one, and gave WDW a position on the RAW list based on the result, though he did admit he needed an extra clan to fill a gap in the list and WDW had warred recently! <_<.

TBE felt it had a point to prove and Doddseyeone bravely declared on White Dragon Warriors for a re-match to settle the issue, this was the bravest decision EVER by a TBE War Lord after we got smashed in the first one.
The war took place on the 17th December 2006 with TBE ripping WDW pieces.
TBE Starting 354, Ending 300, WDW Starting 280, Ending 0.
Immediatly after the victory King Chung announced on RSB TBE's intention to Leave the RSB ranking system and concentrate on RSC. This meant TBE finushed 2006 on a high, and looked forward to an exciting 2007!

28th December - Fishin_Cook9 Leaves TBE, vacating an Assistant Leader position and the Events Manager role.

29th December - Mandy306 promoted to Assitant Leader and Events Coordinator.

29th December - Forest4ever promoted to Assitant Leader.

29th December - TBE changes its joining requirements to 100 combat.

TBE has many people to thank for its success in 2006. I would like to name a few:

Alyndavies, he has truely been the best member during this period, he had continous suggestions to improve these forums, he helped make the transferal from RSB to RSC very smooth, he spent hours of his time researching clans, which we could be, which we should be wary of. His position of warlord is truely a deserving one.
Skillban is the one who declared on B0rn to give us number 1 RSB, this totally changed the clan forever, made us alot stronger.
BenTheReaper was leader for a long time, put alot of effort into the clan, nearly as much as jungle sometimes. He basically came up with the Elites.
King Cheung helped turn like 30 members into 150! I remember a few of us was always going round like pits trying to get new members
Doddseyone and BenTheReaper brought alot of new tactics to help us improve pking/warring wise to fit in with RSC. Such as Falling in, hugging
Zak45 For providing TBE with a constant reality check, always pushing TBE further and making sure they knew what they were doing.
for putting so much time and effort into building The British Elites into what we are today.


3rd January - With Doddseyeone Leaving the clan on the 2nd of January to goto Eternal Honour followed closely by Skilban a week later the War Lord position became available. This meant promotion for AlynDavies, who set about trying to get our RAW rank higher. After discussions with several clans TBE agreed to war Masters Of Dragons on the 10/02/2007. TBE performed magnificently, winning easily taking rank 24 off Mod, and finally having a rank that befitted our status as a clan.
TBE Starting 306 / Ending 207, MoD Starting 213 / Ending 0

10th January - Shacas and Eleannah promoted to Assistant Leaders.

15th January - Doddseyeone reapplies for TBE.

9th March - King Cheung steps down as TBE Leader, to be replaced by Doddseyeone who had decided Eternal Honour wasnt for him.
Forest4ever steps down as Assitant Leader, to be replaced by Apple Tree73.

18th March - Eleannah sadly decides to retire from her Assistant Leadership role.
Luckily for TBE, the most popular lady in the clan Windchase7 :wub: came in as a replacement.

Around mid March, several members of the TBE Leadership started pushing for us to move from a community focussed clan, to a Pking one. After much debate it was felt the Majority of the clan wanted to stay a comminty / Fun one. Eventually this lead to the clan leader JungleBiscui making an announcement that would change TBE forever.
This period was probably one of the the darkest in TBE's history which eventually led to mass leaving by many of TBE's stalwarts who felt they needed to experiance these huge Wildy fights that a clan like TBE wasnt capable of providing. The split was only going to be resolved one way and sadly between the 24-26th March Leaders Benthereaper and Doddseyeone left for The Titans along with stalwarts like Alexotec, Kwazy349, Skilban, Zodiaracer, Doom126 and many more rank and file members, leaving ony Junglebiscui in charge.
AlynDavies, and Darkriotcher get promoted to Leaders while Minninan took the Assitant Leader position.
During all this upheaval TBE had a war with THE Futures, which they barely had a chance to focus on due to all the internal difficulties, thankfully the majority of people who intended to leave the clan came back for one last hurrah. An emotional TBE annailated TF in a badly needed moral boosting win.
TBE faced an uncertain future with so many loyal and important members leaving altogether, those that were left to wonder if the clan would survive the next few weeks, without so many who had built this clan.

As the Weeks passed the discussions died down, and those that had left were no longer mentioned. At the same time as we lost many important members we actually recruited a similar amount from The British Devils due to their own problems meaning we didnt appear any weaker to the other RSC clans. This gave the new Leaders time to bed in and the clan chance to get used to all the changes.

9th April - TBE requirements raise to 105+.

12th May - Team Demolition Announced.

Two Months later on the 30th of May much to TBE's joy, Benthereaper decided to come home and reapplied for TBE. After a council vote conducted in record time, he was welcomed back with open arms after a unanimous yes vote. King Cheung was also welcomed back on the 10th June. TBE was not to be completely forgiving though and three other "old school" members had their aplications rejected.

9th June - The British Elites fight the long term Allies The Death Monkeighs in a Full Out War!
For several Weeks TDM had been unable to find anyone to war, their 300 people memberlist being to intimidating for most clans. TBE approched TDM for a fight having heard of their problems. Luckily there wasnt any incidents before, during or after the war and it all went well, with both clans having a lot of fun. Also TBE managed to pull off a good win despite being outnumbered.
TBE Starting: 246 / TBE Ending: 138, TDM Start: 315/ TDM Ending: 0

This was compiled using various sources.
Suggestions to improve this are welcome.

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