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Viewing Single Post From: The rise, fall and rebirth of TBE
Posted ImageButtons17
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Originally TBE was founded by a few people, the original leader (i think) was Summersort, he had 90 range wich was quite high for that time as requirements were quite low, he was seen as a good leader that fought for his clan, but some time later he decided to quit runescape and gave the leadership to barf (who didn't want it) who gave it to spawn 69er then he quit and left it to sangy4jen, then sangy tried to merge TBE with breakthrough and no one really liked it or liked ishard, breakthroughs leader.

Originally TBLegion was founded by Ltx_Tinman, Rustywhale33 & Myself. Good friends IRL who happened to start playing rs. In RSB we noticed that there were no British clans or anything that would resemble Britain. After getting over 50 recruits within the first week from all over the world we thought this could get big with the help of councilors and an events team, so after a few months of hard work and upgrading ranks Ltx created TBE, the elites of TBL.

Ltx who payed membership by phone was unable to keep funds as he subscribed to a different network that Jagex could not support. Thus handing leadership to me, I kept it flowing for 6 months with the help of councilors, events team etc. After those few months I decided it was enough, i needed to keep track of school work and i just didn't have time for it all anymore. I handed leadership to Pure_c0ober who only lasted a month, couldn't handle the pressure or something. From then on i don't know the story fully.

When ltx tinman (co-founder/deputy leader) came back to just check up on RS and see if it was any better, he found that TBE was still alive, one day while he was just on he got pm'ed by Ishard who had a go at tinman saying it was her clan now he couldnt take it back, they argued and Ishard said that he wouldnt be able to take it back, but some time later Tinman was successful and took back TBE, but then again he still didnt like RS so eventually TBE collapsed and was closed down.

Ltx was original founder for a start. He didn't come back untill a few months ago, which was only for fun and to try out the new skills and areas. He did have a talk with Ishard over other communication methods a long time ago. The above statements are partically true, that TBE was hers and he couldn't have it back.. what happened was that we made a petition, just to see if Ltx' did come back who would stay with Ishard and who would come back under his lead. Obviously with the old school TBL & TBE still playing, news got around fast about the petition Ltx won but took no action of coming back to lead again. TBE closed we we're looking for it to stay in the past and not come back again, although i have to say... from what i've read and seen in the past few months, you guys have been doing good. Well done, keep it up.

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