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Viewing Single Post From: story time with Tinman
Posted ImageAlynDavies
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21:57) <+Tinman> what story u want
(23:21:59) <%shacas> yay :)
(23:22:10) * Murkynight has joined #kingdomofcamelot
(23:22:10) * ChanServ sets mode: +v Murkynight
(23:22:12) <@AlynDavies> tbe founding from your perspective
(23:22:16) <+Tinman> what bit ha dbarf got to?
(23:22:21) <+Barf> made me tell them about tbe lol
(23:22:30) <+Tinman> ok so u wanna hear my life in rs?
(23:22:34) <@AlynDavies> plz
(23:22:35) <+Barf> i went from tbl to us leaving lol
(23:22:36) <+Tinman> coz thats basically it
(23:22:46) <+Tinman> ok well a long time ago
(23:22:54) <+Tinman> when rs was only on the 2nd dimension
(23:23:00) * +Cheung grabs coke
(23:23:08) <+Tinman> hurry up cheung, and get me 1 too
(23:23:12) <+Cheung> ok ok
(23:23:28) <+Tinman> i joined a clan called the mighty fists of falador
(23:24:16) <+Tinman> *important names to remember* chaz sutton & m(something, i forget the rest of his name but it began with m) and there was some other guy i forgot the name of so well call him z
(23:24:29) * Barf has parted #kingdomofcamelot
(23:25:01) <+Cheung> lol
(23:25:14) <+Tinman> now the mff (mighty fists)was apart of the alliance called the Triple Entene, which comprised of The Black Dragons, The Black Demons and MFF
(23:25:22) <+Cheung> love how you said that, "We'll call him Z"
(23:25:28) * +Cheung shuts up
(23:25:35) <+Tinman> lmao yea his name began with z
(23:26:11) <@AlynDavies> Chung dotted for talkin during story time
(23:26:24) <+Tinman> so anyway clan life ensued and then we got into a alrge war (the triple entene v god i forget the name of them as well, im sure it will come to me by the end of this)
(23:27:30) <+Tinman> anyway during this war tinman's friend rustywhale33, (founder of rusty's rangers) accidently! (u kno how these things happen) shot an arrow and "z"
(23:27:54) <+Tinman> z then went berserk and started chasing rusty
(23:28:16) <@cpjuk2us> ooh gossip! yay
(23:28:28) <@AlynDavies> lol, sounds like us on an average pk trip :/
(23:28:31) <+Tinman> tinman feeling a great sense of urgenceny let of a fire bolt in his ass (it was like BOOM!!!!!)
(23:28:48) <+Tinman> then z came over and started attackin me
(23:28:59) <+Tinman> by this time the rest of the clan caught up with us
(23:29:05) <+Tinman> so imagine how this looked
(23:29:11) <+Tinman> rusty was skulled
(23:29:15) <+Tinman> z wasnt
(23:29:17) <+Tinman> and tinman was
(23:29:50) <+Tinman> now i can see y "m" started attacking me now, but back then i felt a great injustice
(23:30:16) <+Tinman> but anyway m & z were great buddies and thus they both sent me 6 feet under
(23:31:04) <+Tinman> i explained my story to chaz (yea i forgot to mention chaz and m ran the clan) and i think m's name was mo something so well call him "mo" from now on
(23:31:17) <+Tinman> so anyway thsi lead to a great divide
(23:31:36) <+Tinman> chaz and mo fell out and the clan kinda went to shambles
(23:32:08) <+Tinman> so tinman (and fellow member 13lack) were talin
(23:32:17) <+Tinman> and dicided upon making our own clan
(23:32:47) <+Tinman> a better clan, a clan which wasnt all about just pking
(23:32:57) <+Tinman> and thus the british legion was born
(23:33:21) <+Tinman> CHAPTHER 2 - the rise of the legion
(23:33:29) <+Tinman> that will come another day my fingers hurt
(23:34:01) <@AlynDavies> =[
(23:34:05) <%shacas> :'(
(23:34:12) <@AlynDavies> story time again, plz
(23:34:15) <+Tinman> lol keeping u on tenderhooks
(23:34:26) <+Tinman> hows my writing style
(23:34:33) <+Tinman> shall i spice it up ab it?
(23:34:35) <@AlynDavies> meh this isnt on, im not waiting for a sequel, lol
(23:34:36) <%shacas> i like this guy, he doesnt know the name of anyone, but calls them mo and z lol
(23:34:43) <@AlynDavies> =]
(23:34:51) <@AlynDavies> chaoer 2 plz
(23:34:55) <@AlynDavies> chapter
(23:34:59) <+Tinman> ok
(23:35:11) <@AlynDavies> i could be in bed with my mrs, but im listening to u :)
(23:35:17) <@AlynDavies> plz tell story :)
(23:35:23) <@cpjuk2us> ^same but with hubby
(23:35:24) <+Tinman> so the collapse of mff lead to collapse of the triple entene
(23:36:00) <+Tinman> this lead to the merging of the black dragons and the black demons...........into the black dragons
(23:36:16) <+Tinman> a formidable opponent
(23:36:20) <+Tinman> so yea
(23:36:31) <+Tinman> the british legion was a hit from the start
(23:36:48) <+Tinman> we done something no1 else at the time had done and focused it alot on the community
(23:37:18) <+Tinman> we had ranks, medals, daily activities and it seemed every1 wanted in on it
(23:37:39) <+Tinman> within a week or 2 we were pushing over 100 members
(23:37:59) <+Tinman> and it all was going well every1 was a great big family until
(23:38:04) <@AlynDavies> :(
(23:38:25) <+Tinman> ok this is hard to sum up
(23:38:49) <+Tinman> but yea the thing started going to shambles, the clan had outgrown itself
(23:39:03) <+Tinman> and 13lack never bothered helping me out
(23:39:04) <@AlynDavies> zak 45 joined?
(23:39:06) * Mystical_Jin has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
(23:39:20) <+Tinman> i cant mind if he joined the legion or if he joined the elites
(23:39:27) <+Tinman> anyway
(23:39:41) <+Tinman> i had a tough time coping
(23:39:56) <+Tinman> after a month or 2 i was just logging in to sort out problems
(23:40:02) <+Tinman> i dont think i even played the game
(23:40:47) <+Tinman> so one day, i took it upon myself to to start from scratch
(23:41:06) <+Tinman> yea it wasnt the most noble option, i shud of stayed and fixed the leaks
(23:41:22) <+Tinman> but it was alot of work and i didnt really have the time
(23:41:29) * Murkynight is now known as Murky|Brb
(23:41:32) <+Tinman> but this time i took into account my mistakes
(23:41:41) <+Tinman> i elected a council
(23:41:49) <+Tinman> and thus democracy in rs was born
(23:42:33) <+Tinman> the founding council consisted of, myself, barf_ii, chakugan, h8ted, pure_co0ber
(23:42:55) <+Tinman> and they were all given a different part of the clan to manage
(23:43:34) <+Tinman> thsi was a unbelievable laod of my mind, as i literally got viable information of my councilors and knew exactly what was happening
(23:43:53) <+Tinman> god i left out a chapther lol
(23:44:06) <@cpjuk2us> was it a chapter full of gossip?
(23:44:10) <+Tinman> ok rewind here to were back in british legion
(23:44:21) <+Tinman> it was a chapther full of bloodshed
(23:44:27) <@cpjuk2us> all for that....
(23:44:32) <@AlynDavies> same ^
(23:44:36) <+Tinman> lol
(23:44:47) <+Tinman> ok chapther 3- the war against the dragons
(23:45:03) * Murky|Brb is now known as Murkynight
(23:45:06) <+Tinman> ok so were back at the height of british legion now
(23:45:28) <+Tinman> at this time the only real opponenst we had was the black dragons
(23:45:42) <+Tinman> and god, we didnt get on at all
(23:46:06) <+Tinman> i mean there was absoulety no friendship between us
(23:46:24) <+Tinman> we wud b going to war with eachother liek twice a week
(23:46:37) <+Tinman> now i cant tell u much of these wars as i was always 1st killed
(23:46:48) <+Tinman> as was the leader of the dragons tallon911
(23:47:03) <+Tinman> so yea we wud always meet up in lumbridge and have a big old chat

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