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Viewing Single Post From: How to write an Introduction.
Posted Image`runerage45`
New Member
1. Introduce yourself/Real Life -
well my names joe, born new zealand, moved to england when i was like 14, in the army, play rugby at a high lvl and love it, if i had to die it would be playing rugby, thats how much i love it, my poison is guinness <3333

and yer.. :) me in a nutshell

2. Runescape Life -
ermm fish.. alot.. go godwars when invited, in fact will kill anything on rs if invited :)

get dropped for fire cape and torso cos of lag too often so i decided to not get them any more lol

3. Clan Life -

Clan Name - 3v0luti0n x

Info Here

well i joined these @ 95 combat and never been in a clan as such before was in hells hilts monster killers and charmed and dangerous for like 3 weeks lol :S

so theyre the only clan i really count as being part of properly and really enjoyed it but they died recently due to a difference of opinion which sent a rift right down the middle of the clan so we died basically :'(

Clan Name 2 -
Info Here

Clan Name 3 -
Info Here


4. Why i want to join -

ermm love the atmosphere so far, and the actual pking is lush, would like to see more monster killing on the agenda but :O lol :S
5. Contact me -
ermm rather to be pmed for this over irc due to problems ive had with my account :S

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