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Viewing Single Post From: Summer Award Nominations
Posted ImageNightmonkey6
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Experienced Member I
Best Member: by far me... cmon guys who else? apart from... DJ - puts a lot of effort in :)
Best Binder: pugsi
Best Tank: pugsi... he so good he tanks in bind robes kai
Best Sniper: Aston
Biggest No Lifer: Tippins1
Best Tber: milky - only one i see tbing other than me
Best Teletabber: who tabs?
Nicest Member: cpjuk2us
Funniest Member: Pugsi (when he is drunk) or Gaara (when he is singing)
Most Helpful Member: cpjuk2us
Best New Comer (FA's who were accepted in this period): scorpion - he gud active (y)
Sleaziest Member: Batikill1 !!
Biggest TeamSpeak Hugger: Gaara and bckyplant - they have sexy time on ts alone all the time...
Luckiest Member: I_Mage_Yo or Thers_Killer
Best Leader(Council Wise): Gaara - he gud singer :)
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Posted Image

^^ tyvm runerage45

I <3 PUGSI1234567
(20:09:47) <night|semi|afk> how much u had to drink ?
(20:10:06) <Pugsi1234567> i dot brink
(20:10:11) <Pugsi1234567> al;cohol is bad]
(20:10:14) <night|semi|afk> lol u sure?
(20:10:24) <night|semi|afk> cos by the looks of things uve been on the vodka
(20:10:37) <Pugsi1234567> u calli me a fkcin alcihoholic
(20:10:44) <Pugsi1234567> i jnow were u live
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