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Viewing Single Post From: Summer Award Nominations
Posted ImagePukey Luke1
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Veteran Member II
Best Member: Bcky ( idk the rest of the name :$ )
Best Binder: i usually snipe so i dont see the binders B)
Best Tank: whitey1991
Best Sniper: Aston480
Biggest No Lifer: i mage yo
Best Tber: Junglebiscui
Best Teletabber: Nightmonkey6
Nicest Member: Cpjuk2us
Funniest Member: Ul786
Most Helpful Member: Cpjuk2us
Best New Comer (FA's who were accepted in this period): coupland20
Sleaziest Member: fabian2029 , who else could it be ?
Biggest TeamSpeak Hugger: gaaraaa
Luckiest Member: i mage yo
Best Leader(Council Wise): bcky
Edited by Pukey Luke1, 9 Sep 2009, 06:31 PM.
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Thanks fabian2029 ^ GamerTag-lukeywood08 PROUD OWNER OF POT NOODLE FORK 12/10/08

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