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canada eh? <3
Some other jobs you would be required to do are :-
Attend lots of events - i try to attend all the ones im able to :)
Help to Mass people for Events - i feel i am very persuasive about getting people ready and getting them all the correct information about were the events are.
Arranging new events - i feel that with a new look at many diffent aspects of differnt areas that i can come up with a wide variety of new and exciting events.
Thinking of new event ideas - i think that a new idea of an event could easily be something like gnome ball, or working the blast furnace, or maybe get more involved in competitions with other clans more.
Help write and improve TBE event guides - i am actually in the middle of writing complete guides for armadyl god wars, and the different roles for safely killing dagganoth kings in the appropriate manner.
You are also required to be on Irc as much as possible - i feel i am in irc as much as i can to help and assist everyone whenever it is needed.

so, im blinksy and this is my app for events co. i feel i would be a great aspect to this role to the clan.

thanks for your time :)
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