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Viewing Single Post From: Swearing Policy
Posted ImageThe Poet
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Dear Members,

Our clan is all about you. Thank you for being so committed over the years and welcome to those more recent to the clan and hope you already feel part of our family. The great community atmostphere of TBE is what has kept the clan great through a number of clan changes and is why TBE are now fully focussed on being a community clan.

This message is to encourage everyone in the clan to make the communication channels such as IRC, team speak, forums and ingame CC in particular, a safe, friendly, mature, positive and wholesome place to be for teenagers and adults alike. This message is also an instruction to all members - regardless of rank - that you have the authority to ask people to change the subject or stop swearing if it starts to become borderline inappropriate. The channels should be moderated as a culture; all of us creating together a positive atmosphere, rather than one of two "policeman" moderating.

As everyone is encouraged to moderate the environment, it should be noted that if the individual causing offense does not respond positively to the moderating member, that member should PM a leader. If a leader is not around, he should screenie the offense and response and forum-PM it to a leader.

For clarification directive swearing, racial abuse, harrasement pertaining to a persons religion, sexuality, age, education, weight or any kind of bullying is not acceptable. Negative talk "directed at a person" is not tolerated. (This chat should be screenshot and passed to a leader for consideration of a dot/ban)

If at all possible don't swear at all. This means that you won't offend anyone :) We won't be draconian in moderating swearing and one-off swearing should be ignored, unless it particularly upsets you. However, continuous swearing or offensive language should be warned about in the friendliest way possible and continuous ignorance of other peoples concerns should be screenshot for leadership consideration likely leading to a dot/ban.

Borderline offensive swearing can be offensive to some people, so be careful. The general rule is that if someone is upset with what you've said, respond appropriately; apologise, and tone it down.
An exhaustive list of words could be created as a guideline, but it would be preferable to use your own discernment as to what creates a great positive environment. If you can't get your head around this, think about what's appropriate language in a workplace or school classroom.

Thanks for creating a great atmosphere and let's keep it that way! Thank you all for your consideration.

Here is a link back to the clan rules: Clan Rules

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