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Viewing Single Post From: [RS07] Mentors;
Posted ImageRick i9
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Application Form

Runescape Username:
Rick i9

Combat Level:

Any Previous Experience:
I have been in and around clans since 2006 in all sorts of different positions and roles and have a very good knowledge of how clans run as well as the pk / warring side. A few mentionable clans below, please just ask if you want more details on my time there.

The British Devils
The British Crusaders
Red Dragon Knights
Korrupted 0rder
No Remorse
The Final Stand

Why do you think you will suit this position well?:
I am an active member of the clan online most evenings and weekends when I am not working as seen by my activity points the previous month. Being active allows me to be available to clan members as much as possible to help them at all times.
RS Experience
I have had roles such as council, warlord and mentor in previous clans which give me grounding towards helping new and existing members around the clan in all things. I have mostly been focused on warring/pking in the past and this would be a big boost to tbe.
IRL Experience
Out of RS I have been a mentor in High School, 6th form and University to new students giving me good knowledge on dealing with different types of people. In my current job in HR I deal with everything regarding employees of our company including grievances and disciplinary which have shown how well I can deal with difficult situations.
I am really confident that together we can push TBE forward towards the clan of 07 with the same impact in the wilderness and I am more than willing to put in the effort to get us there.

Thanks for the opportunity to apply for this role.

Rick !boss

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''He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.''
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