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Viewing Single Post From: Playstation 4 vs Xbox One
Posted ImageSidney
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While technically more powerful the strength was never utilized in anything other than Exclusives and the consoles infrastructure was developer hell, which is why many non exclusives suffered as games are either built for XBOX or PC and then ported over.

Sony Lost the last console war with the worst selling console of the 3, The Wii sold a massive amount more than any other and the xbox narrowly sold more than PS3, although in recent months XBOX has sold twice as many units as PS3 or Wii U.

For the first time though, The two consoles seem to be going in different directions instead of directly competing, Sony appear to be marketing to the "Bachelor" player, the kind of person with a lot of time to invest in games. While Microsoft have marketed to the game developers by giving them a more workable system, and the family man by giving extra "Features" Its also interesting to note that XBOX have partnerships with EA and Activision, meaning that Battlefield, Fifa, Call of Duty etc will be tailored to the xbox, drawing in a wide fanbase. Xbox's cloud system and their approach to online gaming will see them take a different direction to usual and perhaps have some more interesting results.

Neither console is the right or wrong choice, its entirely on what kind of gamer you are. "Hardcore" types who play more often (Usually young people) will likely choose PS4 for its reduced price, free online and the fact it doesnt require internet. Older people with families who like to play the odd game when they have free time will probably pick the XBOX for its more unique features and its hold over the Fifa and FPS market.

And then complete morons will buy the WII U so they can play their Zelda remakes.
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