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Viewing Single Post From: Playstation 4 vs Xbox One
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Urdnot Grunt
11 Jun 2013, 05:37 PM
While technically more powerful the strength was never utilized in anything other than Exclusives and the consoles infrastructure was developer hell, which is why many non exclusives suffered as games are either built for XBOX or PC and then ported over.

Sony Lost the last console war with the worst selling console of the 3, The Wii sold a massive amount more than any other and the xbox narrowly sold more than PS3, although in recent months XBOX has sold twice as many units as PS3 or Wii U.

For the first time though, The two consoles seem to be going in different directions instead of directly competing, Sony appear to be marketing to the "Bachelor" player, the kind of person with a lot of time to invest in games. While Microsoft have marketed to the game developers by giving them a more workable system, and the family man by giving extra "Features" Its also interesting to note that XBOX have partnerships with EA and Activision, meaning that Battlefield, Fifa, Call of Duty etc will be tailored to the xbox, drawing in a wide fanbase. Xbox's cloud system and their approach to online gaming will see them take a different direction to usual and perhaps have some more interesting results.

Neither console is the right or wrong choice, its entirely on what kind of gamer you are. "Hardcore" types who play more often (Usually young people) will likely choose PS4 for its reduced price, free online and the fact it doesnt require internet. Older people with families who like to play the odd game when they have free time will probably pick the XBOX for its more unique features and its hold over the Fifa and FPS market.

And then complete morons will buy the WII U so they can play their Zelda remakes.
It's true that it was hell to develop for in the beginning, but that changed when the ps3 picked up momentum (which it has, the first year or two were pretty dire) and now it's sold the same/more than the 360. The only thing the 360 has the upper hand on, and i'll agree is quite a big one - XBox Live but even now the PSN is picking up speed.

I really don't think Sony are going for the more 'hardcore' gamer, they're just going with what a console should be for... games, while at least keeping some cool little features in like streaming and stuff. I really don't see the need for all the TV gimmicks, I have a TV for watching that on and I don't have to be connected to the internet for it. Skype? I have my phone/computer Smart Glass? Cool I'll just change from one remote to another... sure is handy! Kinect? Cool idea but I really just do not see the fun of it and I really don't like the idea of it always being on, also the fact that they're considering adding that if kinect detects more than a certain number of people when watching a film it locks it until you pay (I don't think that's confirmed but it honestly would not suprise me considering the restrictions they're putting on the Xbox One)

Actually the PS4 is the far more game dev friendly console with full indie support etc. Both systems infrastructure are very similar and both resemble PC's so i'm not quite sure where you got this from. If anything they are very close but the PS4 has a sliiiight edge over it depending on how you feel about Indie support.

I really wouldn't say the Xbox one has unique features, it's all stuff that we've had for years and while it may be handy to have it all in one place it has too many completely unnessesary restrictions on it to have any kind of attraction. It may be built a little more for family (kinect games, stuff like that) but PS4 also has very similar features, the only one the xbox has over it is TV (I keep repeating myself here :()

Also the WiiU is quite poor right now, and while essentially an outdated piece of hardware it has quite a fair few solid games coming out for it eventually. Look at the 3DS and the poor start it had, now look at it. As for the remake comment, really man? you're gonna say that in the same post as how you're buying the Xbox for CoD/Battlefield/Fifa? CoD and Fifa especially are mostly reskins of the other games with a few added features....

Anyway sorry this looks like a massive rant but it's actually not a personal attack or anything, each to their own and i'll probably end up getting an Xbox One in the future if the exclusives turn out decent (I have both PS3 and Xbox at the mo as well)

Tl;Dr I don't like the needless restrictions the xbox are including, they shouldn't be there. Period.
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