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Viewing Single Post From: Double XP Weekend - Overall Skill Competition!
Posted ImageDas Wanderer
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Double XP Weekend Hype

Hey guys,

So as usual we will be running our normal overall weekend competition as well as having some GP rewards to top up your cash stacks!

We are also looking to encourage more of you to aim for even higher gains by adding some extra prizes!

The competition will start at 12pm on Friday and end at 12pm on Monday. A link http://www.runehints.com/stats/competition/109

The first sets of prizes are for:

  • The person with the highest xp will recieve 10mil gp and 4 event points for winning the competition
  • The person with the second highest will receive 5mil gp and 3 event points
  • The person with the third highest will receive 2.5mil gp and 3 event points
  • The person with the most levels will receive 5mill gp

The other xp thresholds are:

  • 2.5mil xp for 1 point
  • 10mil xp for 2 points

Bonus prizes!

If you can make your way into the top 20 then you could be eligible for one of three sets of 2mil gp to win!

After the weekend we will generate three random numbers and post them up. The people with those ranks in the skill competition will earn themselves a bonus 2mil.

Side note

Remember leaders are people too. Lets follow the rules when it comes to the avatars.
Edited by Das Wanderer, 27 Feb 2016, 02:56 PM.
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