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Viewing Single Post From: XPs4EPs
Posted ImageDas Wanderer
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22 Apr 2016, 04:34 PM
While I like the idea of being able to get event points from gaining experience, I'm feeling pretty daunted by the experience amount required per event point.
Last month (according to Runeclan) a total of 36 members were eligible for 1 or more event points if this program would be in place, with only 11 gaining 2 event points and 5 for 3 event points (or more).
And while I could see that the amount of experience gained would've been higher all around if the program were in place (a little bit of an incentive to get more gains), I believe that even one event point is a very steep amount for most members to reach.

I understand that for people who have higher skill levels that the amount of experience per hour for training skills is a lot higher, and therefore it would be easier to meet the requirement of 20m xp per event point. But it would mean that these players would have a bit of an advantage when it comes to things like winning that bond or having higher chances in the lottery.
I'm not sure how I would feel about a lvl 100 member who could be the most active with all of the events attended could still be trumped by a maxed player with a lot of money in terms of being recognized for clan participation (Which was already happening in a very small amount with the skill comps and some higher level pvm events).

It's unfortunate that there's no easy way to track relative experience gain per member, for it would've been a nice idea to have relative requirement goals depending on a persons skill level so the same amount of effort would be rewarded with the same amount of reward.
I have no idea however what a good solution would be, because even if you would lower the amount of experience required based on total xp (for example <100m total xp requires 10m xp or whatnot) that wouldn't stop a player having a single 99 in which he can gain lots of experience with the best xp/h (let's say he's going for a 120) whilst having terrible other stats.

I'm a bit worried that this could widen the gap of recognition for clan participation between more experienced and wealthy members and less experienced and poorer members, causing them to feel more left out on that regard.

I don't know, it's just something that worries me. What are your thoughts?

We don't expect many people, if any, to be hitting the 5 points consistently.

This should just be a way to top up your event points.

People with lower levels will generally have the same issue but low levels are not low forever and being low level doesn't restrict their participation, granted it does mean they will take longer to gain event points.

This is just another way of gaining event points, it should not be the primary source of event points, that's what we run events for, but like skill competitions it's here to top up your points!

Thanks for the feedback, we've based this on an approximate xp gained for last month and after the first month we may tweak it based on the results.
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