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Viewing Single Post From: How to write an Introduction.
Posted ImageKing Cheung
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How to write a good introduction.

Introduction is basically a summary of why you want to join and introducing yourself before applying to the clan. The better first impression you give, the easier it will be to get to know everyone.

Seperating your introduction into different sections is key. Lets start with :-


1. Introduce yourself/Real Life -
This part is just to introduce yourself to the clan, lets think of it as a first impression. You can include all your real life infomation such as what your known as in real life, your age, where abouts your from and just generally what you like doing (If you feel comfortable) If you dont feel comfortable giving away personal info, then dont. Its not a must.

2. Runescape Life -
This section is about what you like and dont like doing in RS. Do you like playing Castlewars? Just simple things such at what skills/mini-games you enjoy playing in your spare time.

3. Clan Life -
List your past clans and why you left them etc. Were you a high position? What did you enjoy most while in this clan? You could even include the low points where you didnt enjoy yourself whilst in this clan. Remember to include all your clans so fellow members will know more about your background.

Clan Name 1 -
Info Here

Clan Name 2 -
Info Here

Clan Name 3 -
Info Here


4. Why i want to join -
This section is to tell the clan why you want to be a part of TBE, just think of it as a general message you want to send out to everyone.

5. Contact me -
List a few ways of how people can get to know you more. Such as MSN/AIM/Yahoo.
Runscape name so you can get to know people in-game. IRC Channels etc.


I decided to edit this guide and add the code for the Intro layout since TBE are getting alot more applicants now. Just copy and paste the code into a post and fill the rest out.

[b]1. Introduce yourself/Real Life -[/b]

[b]2. Runescape Life -[/b]

[b]3. Clan Life -[/b]

Clan Name -
Info Here

Clan Name 2 -
Info Here

Clan Name 3 -
Info Here


[b]4. Why i want to join -[/b]

[b]5. Contact me -[/b]

The layout above is just a guidline, you don't have to use it.
A good intro will have about 400 words or more but make sure you don't blabber on to much as it will bore your future clan members.

Hope this guide helps thumbsup!

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