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The rise, fall and rebirth of TBE
Topic Started: 10 Sep 2006, 04:44 PM (24,786 Views)
Posted ImageIshard
Member Avatar
Master Member III
Moshkin, Sangy asked me to co lead when Barfii didnt want to then Sangy left RS because of RL issues which left me as sole leader of TBE.

At the time Breakthrough was the more successful clan so I didnt want to lead TBE as it was a failing clan, Sangy had to ask several times.

The only reason I did was because I used to be high council in TBL then TBE and only left when C0obs took over, he was a rubbish leader and a lot of members left then, but I still had some loyalty to TBE.

When Sangy and I took over TBE it had 14 members and within 2 weeks we got TBE back into the clan lists and loads of new members.

I didnt pm Tinman at all I hardly ever have chat on so thats a lie, Tinman got the mods to take the clan despite what the members of TBE wanted. Tinman was called back to RSB.

The members of TBE then followed me back to Breakthrough and TBE died within 3 weeks although BT went on for 2 years :D

Tinman didnt want TBE to live without him and tried the same when Magic brought back TBE, even going so far as to crash the events.

Sangy still plays RS so try talking to him. Sir Sangy is his name now.
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Posted ImageIshard
Member Avatar
Master Member III
Thank you Moshkin, :D

Funnily although it was Zak that used to hate me as leader but later he said that he wished I had stayed as leader of TBE cos then TBE would not have died as it did lol

Zak is a close friend now :D

BTW Spawn 69 took over AFTER Summer left TBE so thats the wrong way round.

If Summer had been made leader instead of C0bs non of the members would have left to make the new clan called The White Tower, led by Nenuial.
TWT got most of the top TBE members.
Metalunatic, Rushjunkie Nen, me, well loads of us, btw Metal and Nen got married in rl and they met through TBE :D How good is that?
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Posted ImageIshard
Member Avatar
Master Member III
Mosh I never wanted us to be enemies you know, but unfortunatly right from my being made leader of TFE you have been very aggressive, I know you are friends with PG and perhaps its twisted loyalty I dunno?

The people who left, with the exception of What286 were very inactive and TFE was dying.

TFE is a good clan now with all the changes and those changes needed to be made, it is teamwork by all concerned that has made TFE good again, I dont for 1 minute take the cudos for that.

In fact I am very much looking forward to the day that TFE can go forward without me as leader and I can come back to TBE to be an ordinary member.

I know you probably dont like me still but Im a great listener if you need to talk through rl issues. (ex psychologist and nurse)
Anything you would choose to tell me would not be repeated anywhere.
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Posted ImageIshard
Member Avatar
Master Member III
oh lol Murder I forgot you came too :) and in BT :D

Yeh it was WTOW :D

I knew Nen and Metal had a baby but Xerxes????? They play too many games!! That poor kid, imagine that in the school playground? His life will be made living hell. Ah well at least they didnt call him Saradomin hehehe although Dharok isnt bad lol

Nen left her rl hubby (Rincewind in rs) for Metal so there was a lot of trouble about it all.

I dont see Summer in the game anymore although I do see a few others such as Rushjunkie, we chat every now and again. Barfii I see, Cafc I chat to, Zak as you know, Sangy, you sometimes, actually when I think about it not many at all.

Ah well life and RS moves on

Mosh you were banned because some members asked for you to be banned after they read your comment about me on the pg site. They are loyal guys you know.

I have never sought you out to insult you either in IRC both in the main chat room and by pm (as you did to me) or in a private convo have I ever called you a slag (as you did to me) or on this thread (as you did to me) I have only once gone on your IRC chat channel and that was by mistake when looking for TBA so I logged out straight away.
I have never spammed your clan site, (as you did to ours) I have never spammed your chat (as you did ours).

Yes I reported you to Jagex AFTER that very nasty pm, you deserved it too after what you said to me.

I shall get you unbanned from irc chat but this is your last chance Mosh.

So I suggest we get to know each other properly dont you?
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