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IRC Chat; Name and shame time
Topic Started: 17 Mar 2007, 02:49 PM (1,397 Views)
Posted ImageJunglebiscuit
Member Avatar
I've had a few complaints about the language and behaviour that goes on in IRC chat sometimes. I looked back over the JungleBot at yesterdays chat and some of it was absolutely shocking. This is a warning to you all - I will be issuing some permanent bans from #british_elites and #tbe_lobby if this continues. Heres some of the worst offenders picked up from yesterday:


Yes, some of them are leaders and elite members!

Heres a reminder of our chat rules:
(13:48:42) -[TBE]JungleBot- Rule 1 - NO Spamming/Flooding
(13:48:42) -[TBE]JungleBot- Rule 2 - NO Swearing
(13:48:42) -[TBE]JungleBot- Rule 3 - NO Begging/Borrowing (Rule 6)
(13:48:42) -[TBE]JungleBot- Rule 4 - NO Advertising
(13:48:42) -[TBE]JungleBot- Rule 5 - NO Discussion on inappropriate topics
(13:48:42) -[TBE]JungleBot- Rule 6 - NO Impersonation
(13:48:42) -[TBE]JungleBot- Rule 7 - NO Colour Spamming
(13:48:42) -[TBE]JungleBot- Rule 8 - RESPECT All Members
(13:48:42) -[TBE]JungleBot- Rule 9 - ONLY Speak about events in #British_Elites

Remember that there are lots of children who play this game and they do not need to hear some of the stuff you were coming out with.
Posted Image
!guardianPosted Image!guardian
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Posted ImageBoxer
Member Avatar
Veteran Member II
woops must of been my lacie text i was doing.
wont happen agen
Posted Image!--TBE SINCE 2006--!
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Posted ImageApple Tree93
Member Avatar
Elite Member I
Hmm... considering i've never had ANY complaints about my behaviour on the IRC chat before, this does slightly annoy me. If people are finding what I say in the chat offensive then can they please tell me? How am I meant to know that you're unhappy about my behaviour if you don't tell me?

Time for me to be better then :(
4 Years, 10 Months and 16 Days

MSN: Dan___93@hotmail.co.uk
XFire: dan1apple

Posted Image

Posted Image
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Posted ImageEpigenetic
Elite Member I
I'd like to know who has complained and finds my language offensive? i dont directly swear at anyone, very rearly if i do it takes a lot to wind me up to say something in a public chan about someone.

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Posted ImageOccult
Member Avatar
Elite Member II
Oh do calm down, I have to say i was surprised not to see my name on that list. I think alot of the time it is just general topics of conversation that maybe go a little far and i am as guilty as anyone else in that.

Not everyone finds it funny i suppose, i think this is for all of us not just those named

You can't turn certain things on and off they make you who you are. A trustworthy person is trustworthy no matter what, a person with class has class no matter what they are doing. So this really does lead me to think that if you are a **** on the internet, then you are a **** in real life and trying to convince yourself there is a difference is pointless.
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Posted ImageMinninan
Member Avatar
Elite Member II
Guys this isn't complaints it's who's been kicked (or if your half-op who would have been kicked if you were)
I don't actually remember the last time I was kicked, it's not too hard just don't go hyper :P (looks at Dan)
And then there's the Socerstarrs :o
Posted Image

^Which Gypo Edited My Sig rofl?^
It was Jungle Minni
^K Whoever you are^
Don't blame me
u started it
Who are you?
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Posted Imageagent 00c00l
Member Avatar
Experienced Member II
rule 5 gets me every time :(
Posted Image
79 range + 85 mage => 99 range 94 mage
sometimes its better not to set goals...
especially unrealistic ones.

because once you complete them theres nothing left to do...
Posted Image
16th june 2007

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Posted ImageDexxa12
Member Avatar
Veteran Member III
uh-oh, junglebot is always watching :o

guardian RAAR
!guardian RAAR

Posted Image

Posted Image
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Posted ImageMatrees1
Member Avatar
Veteran Member I
W00t i can finally pot on this topic :lol: It seems i said a naughty word lol. Junglebot for grasser nab... :D

Posted Image

-------Xbox gt : xXDestinationXx-------
May The OldSchool TS Crew Live Strong!!
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