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Locked Topic
The announcement you've all been waiting for...; PK VS Community
Topic Started: 22 Mar 2007, 10:51 PM (1,504 Views)
Posted ImageJunglebiscuit
Member Avatar
Right, this debate has been going on for ages and it needs addressing. We have a bit of a TBE divide at the moment. I have been reluctant to address this issue for fear of loosing members but turns out we are loosing more from being hesitant!

Some want TBE to become a massive pk only clan full of people who return to fights as soon as they die loosing lots of runesets but having a good 15 hour battle with the biggest clans. Others like the pkin and wars but when they die they like to call it quits, cut their losses and have a bit of banter on site or in the chat channel.

The council have debated over this in the leaders section of this site and IRC council channel for a long time now. We have decided that the community element has got us to where we are today and is the most enjoyable element of being in a clan. We will still be fighting for our place on RSC RAW list, we will still be having 2-3 pk sessions a week but will stop punching above our weight.

Its the way we manage it that is causing so many arguements. We constantly run into massive clans and arguements start because they out return us - makes it no fun for anyone. We are going to have a rethink on pk leading and arrange more pk run ins with clans our weight. All in all things are going to calm down a bit so everyone can stop argueing and start enjoing TBE a lot more. We will have 4 normal events and 3 pking events one week then 5 normal events and 2 pkin the next. Wars will be included as pkin events but remember that nothing is stopping you from grabbing a few TBE chums and running you own events outside of official event times.

All I can say now is keep up the training and bring on TF!

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!uk !dwarf !hit !elf !uk
Posted Image
!guardianPosted Image!guardian
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Posted ImageBoxer
Member Avatar
Veteran Member II
Couldn't of said it any better.
Lets just relax where we are a bit, and see what happens.

We are all friends, lets keep it that way; we are a community clan that pk's :wub:

Edit: lol nice vid.
Posted Image!--TBE SINCE 2006--!
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Posted ImageUnionjack4
Member Avatar
Veteran Member II
Im personnely happy about the decision il stick through TBE on what ever it chooses and you should all aswell. When you joined TBE the application said will you stick with TBE through good times and bad times (people say this is a bad time) then here is your chance to proove yourself. TBE for LIFE!

TBE hold your head up HIGH and keep it there (your all great members)
Removed signature as some found it offensive. You Beauty
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Posted ImageEpigenetic
Elite Member I
I miss the old TBE should be manditory to all love each other or just go away tbh :wub: Love ftw, lets share the l000veee <3 Old TBE - hawt community. You join a clan to meet new people, have fun and enjpy playing it in the company of others. I reccon we should have another "meet a new person today day!!" except once a week :D anyways yeh happy times from now. Were gunna thrash TF possatibe mental attitude ftw!!!

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Posted ImageDexxa12
Member Avatar
Veteran Member III
gd decision guys, of course i wouldnt have left tbe if we went down the war clan road but i much prefer this choice :)

guardian RAAR
!guardian RAAR

Posted Image

Posted Image
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Posted ImageV Rabbit20
Member Avatar
Champion Member I
gj guys i joined the clan for this reason and i want it to stay this way guardian

ps:great video ;0
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Posted ImageApple Tree93
Member Avatar
Elite Member I
Nice video Irish :)

This has been the result I wanted - and hopefully what the clan wanted! :wub:
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XFire: dan1apple

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Posted Image
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Posted ImageMinninan
Member Avatar
Elite Member II
I'm glad this has been finally made clear to all you mad pkers and what better way than for high lord Jungle to write this for us. Exactly what I'm in TBE for today, great community as well as great events. Keeps many of us just playing rs (way way too much :D ) and I don't know why anyone would want a clan any different.
Community for the shizzle! :wub:
Posted Image

^Which Gypo Edited My Sig rofl?^
It was Jungle Minni
^K Whoever you are^
Don't blame me
u started it
Who are you?
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Posted ImageLillefigo
Member Avatar
Elite Member III
That sounds very good Jungle ;)

And that video... I REALLY wanna beat the **** out of TF now !hit
TBE's singer, guitar player and looter

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Posted Image
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