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Swords Of Glory War
Topic Started: 20 May 2007, 09:23 AM (1,367 Views)
Posted ImageAlynDavies
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Veteran Member IV
I think were all a bit disappointed with last night. I'm sure most of you read the RSC thread about what happened with Sog saying Leader were aloud to return to watch the fight. Basicaly NO such rule was agreed, occasionally I do make an agreement with the opposing War Lord that both of us can return to watch and sort out any problems while there, I agreed the rules with Dreadpandora and he didnt ask for it, so neither did I. In the pictures themselves you can clearly see a Sog person going North back into the wild in Rune armour and Blue cape, and also a Sog Leader (Seu Paleco) and Pk Leader and Shamrox (Pk Leader) in the Sog pile after they'd died, now to my thinking if their in the Spam pile AFTER theyd been killed their cheating. Because their helping to organise their clan when they shouldnt be there. Thats assuming they werent actually atacking anyone :huh:. If you return to watch you stand south of the war and angle your screen down to watch from distance or stand next to the membersgate, anything else and your interfering with the war. Apart from the disappointment of the ending, it was a good fight all the way through and a lot of fun :). But basicaly I wont war Swords Of glory again, TBE only wars clans were friends with and can trust and Sog have broken our trust now.

There are other issues that need to be dealt with too.

1) I spent the entire day spamming IRC about a new massing world and the importance of KEEPING YOUR CHAT OFF so NI dont track us.... Smack on massing time Mandy306 is there on world 80 with her chat on... I work my ass off sorting these wars out and get completely stressed out, and its not helped by fellow Leaders completely ignoring what im trying to tell the clan. It only takes 1 person to ruin the fun for the entire clan, remember that. Lillefigo did the same thing, but I accept his explanation, but please use your common sense guys.

2) When I said the new massing world, my IRC screen lights up like an xmas tree with people saying "omg its a ptp world" etc etc....
Yes we massed on a ptp world because 99% of NI are ftp. Basically they knew we were masing on world 80 and when they realised we wasnt going to be there theyd be world hoping trying to find us. Massing on a ptp world makes us a lot harder to find and track! From now on we will announce the massing world at massing time, turn your chat OFF and log to it!. I might announce a ftp world for a PTP war, or a ptp world for a ftp war.

3) During massing time I'm completely stressed, im coordinating the Anti Crash, The other clan wildy movements, Our Leaders, making sure TBE is massing, and basically trying to make the war runs as smoothly as possible. Yet despite this, im constantly being pm'd to death by clan members about basic war information that has been on the forum for 2-3 weeks. If you want to ask questions do it in the weeks / days before the war, not while im trying to oragnise the event. If some members took 5 minutes to read the bloody forum, id be a lot less stressed out! If you have a question please ask another Leader. By the time Shacas is leading us into the wild, im completely fed up and mentally exausted, you guys could really help me by reading the forums and making my life easier.

4) If you come across problems during the war, i.e the other clan returning, etc, etc dont bloody whinge about it on Team Speak DURING the war. I WILL deal with it AFTERWARDS. Concentrate on the war itself. You could easily be making amistake and distracting your clan for no reason. Every war TBE used to have I always had the problem of Matt returning.... the I pointed out we had Mattrees, Matthew2899, and Matthew1001 in our clan and that was the end of it...
Names can be similar, if you think theres a problem screneie it and I will look into it later on. All you achieve by moaning during the war is upsetting your clan.

5) RSC posting... When I post on RSC either agree with what im saying or dont post. Da_Da11 undermined my argument by saying how did we know Seu Paleco returned... Basically if hed looked at the bloody thread he of realised Sog had said their Leaders could return, if hed looked at Seu's kill pic hed of seen a snake of TBE memebers following him at his death, and in the returning pic, hed of seen about 8 tbe in the screen shot towards the end of the war. The mini map gives that information away. Union Jack did a similar thing in the Luna Mini by arguing our starting opts with me publicly on RSC. If your not going to help me, dont post!
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