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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ); Please look here before posting a suggestion
Topic Started: 28 Sep 2012, 02:03 PM (1,206 Views)
Posted ImageThe Poet
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This is a pinned topic which the leaders will answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as they arise. Ask your questions in the suggestions forum and well update here as appropriate. A quick link to the suggestions forum: http://forums.britishelites.com/forum/7440/

Q1. Why dont TBE war?
TBE were involved in the Runescape warring community between 2005 and 2009 and were a top warring clan at one point. There were lots of ups and downs and the downs caused many arguments and conflict. TBE were well known for a great community and community events so it was decided to concentrate on the clans strengths and so TBE stopped warring and focussed on community events.

Currently, most of our members dont show a massive interest in warring and warring in itself has declined in recent times. TBE would no longer be big enough to compete with large clans in F2P PVP, and P2P warring is essentially dead. Sadly there seems to be a lot of conflict that comes with being a warring clan and TBE would like to avoid this.

Q2. Why do we have a combat requirement for joining TBE when many events are skilling events?
TBE have a combat requirement primarily because some of the popular events we run are combat based events such as PVM events, God Wars and Castle Wars. Wed like everyone to enjoy these events and have a positive experience; sadly low levels would die regularly and wed like to avoid those low levels being singled out as targets over and over.

We realise people could still attend just the skilling events and be a part of the community but we have purposefully made a combat level so that as a clan we can promote and enjoy a wider breadth of Runescape activities together and particularly combat based ones. We wouldnt say we are a combat clan, but we do have a combat focus.

If however someone wanted to join TBE who had a high total level - or some other reason to consider this person - but didnt meet the minimum requirements, the leaders would vote on that particular player - this is however the exception.

Q3. Why do TBE have a minimum of 4 events per month? Why not more? Why not less?
One of TBEs aims is to be a very active clan. In order to be active, a requirement was created as one method of motivating people to attend.

Having an activity requirement also allows TBE to remove inactive members every month. This is done to help give a realistic picture of how active the clan is and help focus on recruitment and keep an eye on exactly who is around and who isnt.

Currently a number of strong community members struggle to achieve the set number of events, The leaders believe that if the requirement was set higher many people would not be able to achieve it. If the requirement was set lower it would be no incentive at all to increase activity and would make the cc just a place to chat rather than emphasising TBEs aim to be an "active" community clan.

Q4. Why do you have a minimum of 30 minutes attendance and not more or less at events?
30 minutes seems a reasonable time to get the activity point. People are encouraged to stay longer but it is preferred that people came to an event and had fun and felt free to go back to their own game goals than not come due to it being a long event.

The 30 minute requirement is there so people dont turn up, claim their point and leave 5 minutes later, its there to ensure there is actually an event occurring and people are taking part.

The 30 minutes is just a minimum however, the event runs until everyone has left or it is no longer viable to continue, this can be anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours in some cases. TBE would like to encourage people to enjoy events and not watch the time specifically waiting for 30 minutes to be up to leave.

Q5. Why do we have ANOTHER X event? (Fill in X with Castle Wars, Stealing Creation, Bandos etc)
TBE hope to provide a variety of events so there should not be too much repetition, however the aim is also to provide players favourite events. The most popular events are repeated for this reason; they are well attended events. Bare with the leaders though as its often tricky to find the right balance.

If youd like to see a specific event, then please do PM the event coordinator and talk about this. We aim to please :)

Q6. What do each of the leaders do? (IE Sometimes it appears that some of the leaders dont do anything)
The leaders responsibilities are monitored and discussed regularly. There are two posts kept up-to-date regarding leadership responsibilities firstly this post http://forums.britishelites.com/topic/7104812/1/ provides a list of people and their job titles. More indepth information can be found here: http://forums.britishelites.com/topic/7020475/1/. Speak to a leader yourself if you've an interest in getting involved further to help the clan!

Q7. Why when someone leaves TBE do they stay in the CC list and so have 1 stripe?
When the new clan chat system was implemented by Jagex it was done so without a clan friend rank. In friends chat there is a clan friend rank (the smiley face). Fortunately there are lots of ranks in clan chat so we decided to use the 1 stripe recruit rank to represent our clan friend ranks. How forums ranks, clan chat ranks and IRC ranks line up is defined in the following table:

Q8. Why isnt irc mandatory?
Before the clan chat system was implemented in game, clans relied on IRC heavily for organisation and communication. Now there is a clan chat it is much easier to do that in game meaning that IRC is not so necessary.
TBE make it mandatory to register on the forums to encourage people to use the forums and in the same we as part of the application process IRC CHAT is highlighted in the hope that people will try it if they havent before.TBE do still use IRC for those members who like it and want to take part as it makes it a lot easier to share links etc with members. As is it still the best method of communication it is mandatory for leaders and assistant leaders.

TBE highly encourage its use as it makes clan life easier and is a highly useful tool for your everyday RS needs (Runescript bot, Grand Exchange prices, tracking xp, Highlighting other members to get their attention, Event information and of course the famous trivia quiz)

Q9. Why if I asked a question/make a comment in chat, can I get kicked, asked to use a different forum for my grievance?
Some comments can cause arguments and to keep a friendly conflict free chat we will sometimes ask you to take a conversation to private message or have a word with you in private if we think something you are saying is likely to cause offense to another member or start an argument.

Q10. Why are there so many people who dont get activity and stay in clan. E.g. honoured Elite.
Honoured elites are members who have put years of service into the running of TBE but have since stepped down to retire from game or concentrate on other activities. It is a rank that is seldom dished out and very hard to achieve but as TBE has been going strong for eight years we have got a large collection of honoured members.

Q11. If people dont get 4 points, why arent they removed? 30 people this month with 1-4 points were not removed
Leaders do not like kicking people for fun. If there is a member that can be encouraged to stay and stay active then the leaders will go out of their way to speak to them and try to encourage them to become active. Its better to give someone a chance in the hope they make good of it than to go in heavy handed. If no improvement is seen next month then they will be removed anyway so there is no harm in trying if there is a chance of getting an active member from it. TBE will remove members who they have been unable to contact.

Edited by Toiletbreak, 5 Nov 2015, 01:10 AM.

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