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Getting your combat level to 100!; Attack, Strength and Defence
Topic Started: 2 Aug 2014, 04:33 PM (1,587 Views)
Posted ImageWise Choice
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So, you want to join TBE but you don't have level 100 combat? Don't worry, although you won't be able to join yet you can still guest in the CC while you join. This guide is designed to help you reach your goal in the quickest time possible! You can click here for access to a combat calculator, this will tell you current combat level and what you can do to level it up as fast as possible. Currently this guide is only aimed towards Melee combat skills but it should be enough to get you started.

We have many other guides on our forum similar to this one once you've been accepted. Good luck!

Welcome to 1-99 P2P Melee guide for RuneScape 3 in the EoC. This guide is still valid as of 2014 and is regularly updated considering recent updates and changes to the game. In this guide there are two methods to achieving 99 in all 3 skills including:

- The fastest route to 99

- The most profitable route to 99

The combat skills are some of the easiest and most fun skills to get to 99, getting 99 in attack, strength, and defence will give 99 constitution aswell since constitution gains exp at 1/3 of the rate as the others, so you are effectively killing 4 birds with 3 stones! See below for each of these methods.

Also note that a Full Void Knight Melee Set will increase melee accuracy by 1%-3% and melee damage by 3%-5% the higher percentage being when an individual use's elite void, therefore increasing the speed at which you achieve 99. The set requires level 42 in all combat stats and 22 prayer - 42 summoning is not needed. When killing the monsters outlined below, the trainer should use the best defensive gear available to them to maximise training time and afkability

Fastest Route To 99

For people who just want to get 99 attack, strength and defence as quickly as possible, this section is for you.

Level 1-30

Level 1-30 should take approximately 1 hour per skill, not too long, and is done on Troll Brutes. Here are their stats:

Level 2
50 Hitpoints
40 EXP per kill (10 Constitution EXP included)
Weak to air spells.

Troll Brutes are found in the northern most cave in Burthorpe, they regularly drop food which should be enough to sustain you. Although they are weak to air spells they only have 50 hitpoints so are quite commonly one-hit-killed.

Level 30-60

Level 30-60 will take about 3 hours per skill, a bit longer, and is done on Rock Crabs. Here are their stats:

Level 102
2,550 Hitpoints
233 EXP per kill (58 Constitution EXP included)
Weak to water spells.

Rock Crabs are found just north of the Fremmenik Lodestone, along the coast. They have fairly profitable drops and also drop a fair number of gold charms, useful for summoning. They have the best Hitpoints-to-EXP ratio at this level and are killed in under 15 seconds with the use of abilities.

Level 60-70

Level 60-70 will take around 2 hours per skill and is all done on Hellhounds. Here are their stats:

Level 132
3,300 Hitpoints
362 EXP per kill (119 Constitution EXP included)
Weak to slash weapons.

Hellhounds are found in the depths of the Taverley Dungeon and have a resource dungeon for better spots. They have no drops but are a very good source of gold charms, useful for summoning. They also drop a lot of spirit gems and are a source of hard clue scrolls. They are aggressive for 10 minutes and with the use of Soulsplit or Guthan's Armour Set, they are quite AFKable, despite their good EXP rates.

Level 70-90

Level 70-90 should take around 15 hours per skill if using the following method - Forst Dragons. They require 85 Dungeoneering to reach but are well worth it. Here are their stats:

Level 160
8,500 Hitpoints
1,085 EXP per kill (358 Constitution EXP included)
Weak to stab weapons

Frost Dragons are found in the Asgardian Ice Dungeon Resource Dungeon and are incredible EXP aswell as profit - their bones sell for around 16K each meaning that each inventory can sell for around 450K. The downside is that you require super-antifire potions for the best exp per hour however normal antifire potions and protect from magic negate nearly all damage from Dragonfire for Frost Dragons. Using a Demon Horn Necklace and a Bone Crusher can sustain a player there for as long as they need provided they are using Soulsplit for healing. If you don't have Soulsplit, a Guthan's Armour Set is a very reasonable replacement. If you don't have 85 dungeoneering then you should continue training on Hellhounds however, even considering the time taken to achieve 85 Dungeoneering, Frost Dragons are still faster to achieve level 90.

Level 90-99

Level 90-99 will take a few days. There are several good ways to achieve 99 but the fastest one without a doubt is by completing the Fight Cauldron Minigame. I will not tell you the strategy for it here as it will take too long but the minigame requires The Brink Of Extinction to be completed so may not be available for everybody. Aside from that, Waterfiends are probably the best EXP at this level if using Drygore weapons. If not, continue to kill Frost Dragons. Here are the Waterfiends' stats:

Level 154
8,000 Hitpoints
934 EXP per kill (308 Constitution EXP included)
Weak to bolts

Despite being weak to bolts, Waterfiends are easily killed with Drygore weapons and are the best droppers of crimson charms in the game.

Profitable Method

For those who want to make money through combat there are two ways to do so. The second method is much better profit but is very repetitive. I will list both methods below.

Method 1 - Slayer

This method is quite simple. From level 1 in all combat stats and Slayer, training the Slayer skill from 1-99 will max out all of your combat stats, aswell as your Range and Mage stats if you choose to play to a monster's weakness. It will also give more than enough charms for 99 Summoning so is highly recommended for efficiency purposes. Getting 1-99 Slayer can give anywhere between 60m to 200m depending on luck but it is fairly normal to assume a profit of over 100m.

Method 2 - Frost Dragon Bones

This method is much quicker then method 1 and gives a lot more money too, around 500m to be precise. Unfortunately it requires 85 dungeoneering and can be extremely repetitive considering that you must kill around 30,000 Frost Dragons from 80-99 in all skills. The method and equipment for these is shown above.

This guide is not full proof and is mainly to be used to get those to the 100 cb level mark to join the clan!

Guide created by: Cossie717
Edited by: Wise Choice

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