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December Mega-Patch
Topic Started: 4 Dec 2017, 03:06 PM (246 Views)
Posted ImageMooge
Legendary Member I
Quester, skiller, or killer? Today it doesn't matter, because this Patch Week features the heftiest collection of game-wide quality-of-life fixes we've seen all year. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

Kuradal is thanking her lucky stars for some much-needed slayer improvements.

The Ninjas are catching their breath after bringing you more than 50 fixes this week alone.

Our free-to-play experience just got even better!

Seriously. The behemoth-of-a-list left our forum post bursting at the seams, so much that it now spans two gargantuan forum posts.

Read about every single fix and improvement here.

Congratulations, Questcaping!

Please join us in congratulating our Abbey Road competition winner – Questcaping – who will be joining us in London with a friend on December 12th. Check out Questcaping's entry here.

Premier Club

The best membership deal of the year is still available – lap up the VIP treatment and get some fantastic bonuses, all with a hefty discount.
Secure your space in the Premier Club today!

Go and get stuck in!

We tried to think of a rubbish pun to leave you on, but we’re far too busy buying up all the gear now stocked in Gielinor’s specialist shops. See you in Hickton's Archery Emporium..

The RuneScape Team


What if we told you that tuning in for our live streams every month gets you in-game goodies?

Well, it does. Just connect your RuneScape account to your Twitch account and tune into one of our Tuesday, Friday or Sunday live streams to get some free stuff!

This month, you could win the amazing new (festive-themed) Cheer Hunter outfit. Good luck, and may RNGesus be in your favour!

Live Streams This Week

Each week we livestream Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch our streams and find out more information about our streams over on our Twitch channel. Check our YouTube channel too for recap videos of streams you may have missed.

Tuesday, December 5th – 17:00 UTC (Game Time) – The Big Questions

Got burning questions for the team? On December 5th, our devs will be on the sofa to answer them. Join us then, live on Twitch and YouTube! You can ask your questions on the forums, Reddit, and Twitter (use #RSQA).

LootScape will be enabled for this stream.

Sunday, December 10th – 19:00 UTC (Game Time) – PvM with Mod Lee

Top up your PvM tactics with your weekly dose of monster-killing with Mod Lee!

LootScape will be enabled for this stream.
TBE for life! https://i.imgur.com/S28jZPD.png
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Posted ImageMooge
Legendary Member I
Questcaping's Entry -

Premier Club - https://www.runescape.com/premier-club#_ga=2.78991251.626996736.1512256412-183939102.1505204008

LootScape - https://www.runescape.com/info/lootscape#_ga=2.50637742.626996736.1512256412-183939102.1505204008

RuneScape Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/runescape

RuneScape YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGpr8LIrdwrEak3GuZLQPwg

Big Questions - Forums - http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/l=0/sl=0/forums.ws?14,15,314,65970638

Big Questions -
Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/7hgxtp/runescape_big_question_dev_qa_tuesday_5th_of/?st=jas9w4vn&sh=141c8315

Big Questions - Twitter - https://twitter.com/RuneScape

Discuss It Here - http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?15,16,740,65970652
TBE for life! https://i.imgur.com/S28jZPD.png
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Posted ImageMooge
Legendary Member I
The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.


Fixed an animation issue with crystal chimes.


The Bank will now reliably remember the custom withdraw-x setting.

The Bank will now reliably show the Beast of Burden withdraw option.

Fixed an issue with bank tab separators appearing when searching for items.

Fixed an issue when withdrawing a searched item temporarily displaying the item that was in the next bank slot.

The scroll position in the bank is now reliably saved upon closing the bank screen.

Fixed an issue that was causing the bank total space to display incorrectly.

Fixed an issue related to the interface transparency setting resetting itself.

Fixed issues with the ribbon and ribbon setup interfaces when using the legacy UI skin.

Fixed an issue with loading screens when entering certain areas such as clan citadels.

The minigames tab no longer vanishes in legacy interface mode.

The Metrics graph now shows data again.

Survival outfit feet are now correctly displayed in the wardrobe interface.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

The spikes in the middle of Kuradal's dungeon has been removed.

Kuradal has caught 2 more abyssal demons for your slaying pleasure.

Off-hand weapons are now dropped in Dungeoneering.

Black wool and balls of black wool are now tradeable.

Black wool is no longer prioritised when selecting a recipe at a spinning wheel.

A loom and spinning wheel have been added to New Varrock, in the slum buildings east of the Blue Moon Inn.

Flax and sinew have replaced bow and crossbow strings on zombie drop tables in New Varrock, since they can now be made through skilling.

Reggie in Fist of Guthix no longer talks about the metal gauntlets in his shop, since he no longer sells them.

The increased chance of catching a Slayer monster's soul using an ushabti has been changed from requiring 200m XP to requiring level 120 Slayer.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

Leaving the Grand Exchange during Evil Dave's Big Day Out will no longer try to continue the Defender of Varrock quest.

Doris will now speak about a certain court case.

Players can no longer start Evil Dave's Big Day Out without completing the Evil Dave section of Recipe for Disaster.

An issue with reclaiming the broom during the third set of chores in Evil Dave's Big Day Out has been fixed.

The "game of Pest Control" requirement to start Quiet Before the Swarm is now an optional requirement.

The "complete the Conquest tutorial" requirement to start The Void Stares Back is now an optional requirement.

A duplicate "access to the Warriors' Guild" requirement has been removed from the While Guthix Sleeps quest overview.

Moved the camera splines in the siren prison cutscene of Song from the Depths closer into the room.

An issue with using the ring of recoil against the spotlit wights in Missing, Presumed Death has been fixed.

The "Spin wool into balls" daily challenge now requires 14 balls of wool instead of 28.

The achievement 'Arc - Unlocking Waiko' now correctly shows which rewards are unlocked.

Desert Amulet 3 and 4 are now reclaimable if you have 2 or more of the desert amulets keepsaked. Talking to the Ali the Mayor and the Clay Golem respectively will provide the replacement.

The Dungeoneering smuggler now only has the option to change starting items if you have completed at least one Dungeoneering achievement (since your starting items are only exchanged when entering a dungeon if you have completed at least one achievement).

The Legends' Guild guards have been reprimanded for telling adventurers that they need 108 Quest Points to start the Legends' Quest, and now reference the 107 QP requirement in the quest journal.

Jack of Spades, Our Man in the North, and ‘Phite Club in the Menaphos path can now display a hint arrow.

The Achievement Paths progress bar now can fill all the way up.

The Divination tutorial achievements are now in a Skills subcategory.

Details for the desert, Tirannwn and Wilderness area achievements are now phrased consistently with other area achievements.

The Ardougne hard set runescore has reduced from 20 to 15

The Seers' Village medium set runescore has reduced from 15 to 10.

The Ardougne "You're the Dirty Rascal" achievement runescore has decreased from 20 to 15.

The lodestone achievements now each award 5 runescore.

The "Members Area" lodestone has changed to "Members' Area".

Details for the Final Boss achievement are now phrased consistently with the Insane Final boss achievement.

The What Year Is it? and You're It achievements now display a counter of your progress.

The Acolyte of Seiryu entry in the 90 Slayer skill guide has been split into multiple entries.

The Lil' Tuzzy and Krar Jnr boss pets have been added to the Raids section of the achievement interface.

Tooltip changes

The Mask of the Black Demon will now correctly show the amount of Black Demons killed.

The Mask of the Automaton now shows the kills gathered with it and the days remaining until you can force a task with it.

The following items will now display informative tooltips:

Siphons (normal and crystal stored in a Mechanised Siphon)

Charges remaining in a Spirit Gem

Charges remaining on Most Wanted cards

Stored kills on God Wars Dungeon soulstones

Kills so far and the monster assigned on a Slayer Contract

Charges remaining on a Sigil

Charge remaining on a Royal Crossbow.

Maximum capacity, degraded capacity, amount and type of essence in a Runecrafting pouch.

The ancient repriser's item charge tooltip now accurately reflects the remaining charge.

The tooltips used for crystal tools are now accurate.

Buff Bar changes

When attacking a monster, a Reflect/Poison immune icon will now appear above them if they have that effect.

The buff icon description for the Zaros Godsword special attack 'Blackhole' now correctly mentions melee damage being increased by 25% instead of 10%.

A buff icon has been added to track the ammo stored in a cannon. This does not appear if the restock perk from Artisans Workshop is active.

The following buff/debuff icons have been added:

Prayer Drain debuff, this'll display the amount of prayer points being lost per game cycle, this will also scale with equipped Prayer bonus equipment (Note: The number is rounded down, so 1.8 will display as 1 for example)

Shooting Star buff, now displays the time remaining on the effect

Evil Tree buff, now displays the time remaining on the effect

Stone Spirits, a timer will now display when these activate showing how long they're active until they expire

A buff icon will display when Vengeance is active, and when it's been used a debuff icon will display showing the time remaining until it can be used again

The teleblock debuff icon now displays the time remaining until the effect wears off

The Fight Kiln Crystals (Invulnerability, Magic, Ranged, Strength & Hitpoints) now display a timer showing how long the effect is active for.

A counter has been added for Onslaught which tracks each time it increments.

F2P Changes

The following achievements are now available to free players:

Varrock: Lumbering Around, A Ton of Earth

Karamja: Five a Day, Put to Port in Port Sarim, Fruity Catch, Back Cran-door, Dungeons and Dragons

Desert: Memento Mori, Fire at Will, Wiggle Room

Daemonheim: Setting Up, It's Dangerous to Go Alone, Kitchen Aid, The Lone Dungeoneer, Dere-Licked, Take it from the Top, Change of a Dress, You're Not the Boss of Me, A Road Less Traveled, Invisible Ink, Untouchable, Fashion Victim, Tales of Old, You Got Some Nice Drapes There, I Want It All, And I Want It Now, Marm's Armoury, Tactical Retreat, "Nice to Meet You, Wall", 300, Up to the Gods, Lawful Crafting, In the Darkness Bind Them.

Wilderness: Highway to the Danger Zone!, Take a Potato Chip...and Eat it!, Hold my Beer While I PK This Guy, Repressed, Ten-uous Link, Unlocked and Loded, Ex-posing Yourself, Filthy Rich, Notatrivialtask, A Pizza The Loot, Wet and Wildy, I'm the King of the Wild!, Chaosteo, pUrE a ChAoS oF cOrPsE!, Loyal Subject.

Divination: What An Experience, Let's Enhance

The following daily challenges are now available to free players:

Combat: Kill Giant Mole

Cooking: Cook apple pies

Crafting: Spin bowstrings, Spin wool, Soft/Hard/Studded leather, Blue/Black d'hide, Cracked and Fragile Mining/Cooking/Fishing/Prayer/Woodcutting/Smithing/Runecrafting urns.

Farming: Plant barley, Plant hammerstone hops

Fletching: Fletch bronze bolts, regular/oak/willow/maple/yew/magic shortbows or shieldbows

Herblore: Clean tarromin

Prayer: Scatter accursed ashes

Runecrafting: Runespan VI, Runespan VII

Smithing: Smith bronze and iron tracks, iron and steel burial armour

Woodcutting: Chop maple trees

The fish and cook cod and mackerel, and cook bacon daily challenges are now members only.

Benedict Encumberyak's World Tour scrapbook page about Silvarea now works on free worlds, since Silvarea is now available to free players.

The Bounty Teleport spell is now correctly marked as members only.

Items in the Bounty Hunter shop are now listed as members only.

Uncharted island maps are no longer dropped on free worlds.

Common kebbit fur is now a non-member object, since it can be obtained from divine kebbit burrows.

Burnt potato is now a non-member object.

Divination boons (including the boon of elder energy) that require at least 10 Divination are now members only.

Marrentill (grimy, clean and unfinished potion) cannot be acquired on free worlds, so is now members-only.

Evil magic trees and evil elder trees no longer spawn on free worlds.

The sunbeam and icicle crown are now non-member objects, and can now locate evil trees on free worlds.

The number of teleport charges remaining is now shown when attempting to teleport with the sunbeam crown and icicle crown, and a warning has been added to say that there is currently no way to get more charges.

The Agility level modifier to run energy recovery/drain is no longer capped to level 1 on free worlds.

The noose wand is now listed as a non-member tool in the tool belt.

The tool totals in the tool belt have been corrected to 30 on free worlds.

Dungeoneering resource nodes up to T50 that should have been available to free players now actually are, for real this time.

Wolves now drop wolf bones and wolf meat instead of bones on free worlds.

Bat bones (and ground bat bones) are now available to free players.

Bats of usual size (such as those in Silvarea) now spawn on free worlds.

Zamorak robes (top and bottom) are now available to free players.

Monks of Zamorak now have a chance to drop Zamorak robes.

Druid robes are now available to free players.

Rabbits (such as in Taverley) now drop raw rabbit on free worlds.

The goblin book "The Book of the Big High War God" is now available to free players.

Cyclopes now drop black knives on free worlds.

Javelins (from bronze to rune) are now dropped on free worlds.

Fleshcrawlers now drop black full helms, silver bars and noted iron ore on free worlds.

(Elite) greater demons can now drop off-hand rune maces on free worlds.

Lesser demons can now drop off-hand black longswords on free worlds.

Thieves, farmers and various other citizens can now drop off-hand iron daggers.

Fixed issues in two Song from the Depths cutscenes and three Missing, Presumed Death cutscenes that triggered the message "To go here you must you must login to be a members' server." on free worlds.

Duskweed orb (T6) is now craftable on free worlds.

Corrected several non-member entries in the Attack, Crafting, Defence, Farming, Firemaking, Magic, Ranged, Runecrafting and Smithing skill guides.

The notification when a player has achieved the maximum skill level total on a free world has been corrected from 1700 to 1869.

The Doomsayer Warning setting for Varrock Sewers can now be toggled on free worlds so long as the sewers have been entered by the player at least 6 times.

Energy potions are now non-member objects and can be purchased on the Grand Exchange.

The Fancy Clothes Store in south-east Varrock is now available to free players.

Free players can now buy bottles of wine from Fortunato in Draynor market and sell back empty wine bottles.

Olivia the seed merchant in Draynor market is now visible to free players.

Free players can now purchase cups of tea from the Varrock tea stall. (The "Jackanory" Varrock achievement is also available to free players.)

Free players can now access Jatix's Herblore Shop in Taverley.

T6 (zephyrium, etc) resources can now be purchased from the smuggler on free worlds.

Web snippers in Daemonheim are now available to free players.

Shop stock changes

Energy potions have been added to the Warriors' Guild potion shop.

Oziach's rune shop now sells rune platebody, blue dragonhide body, and mystic robe top (instead of rune platebody and green dragonhide body) to accurately reflect the equipment unlocked by the Dragon Slayer quest.

Bob's Brilliant Axes now sells battleaxes and throwing axes (including off-hands), pickaxes and hatchets up to T40.

Scavvo's rune store in the Champions' Guild now sells T50 melee (rune) armour (excluding platebody but including gloves and boots) and weapons (including off-hands axes).

Vallaine's store in the Champions' Guild now sells T50 ranged (blue d'hide) armour (excluding blue dragonhide body but including vambraces and boots) and weapons (including off-hands and throwing axes).

An NPC has been added to the Champions' Guild that sells T50 magic (mystic) armour (excluding mystic robe top but including gloves and boots) and weapons.

Horvik's Armour Shop in Varrock now sells melee armour up to T40 (including black armour).

Lowe's Archery Emporium in Varrock now sells ranged armour and weapons up to T40 (excluding crossbows and including javelins).

Zaff's Superior Spellcasting in Varrock now sells magic armour and weapons up to T40 (including a limited supply of the ingredients for splitbark - hollow bark and fine cloth - so free players can access them).

Hura's Crossbow Shop in the Dwarven Mine now sells crossbows (including off-hands) and bolts up to T40.

Hirko's Crossbow Shop in Keladrim now sells crossbows (including off-hands) and bolts up to T50.

Brian's Archery Supplies in Rimmington now sells the same weapons as Lowe's Archery Emporium.

Hickton's Archery Emporium in Catherby now sells ranged ammunition up to rune (including bolts and arrowheads), as well as zogre bows and brutal arrows. (In addition to the Fletching skillcape.)

The Warriors' Guild Armoury now sells melee weapons (including off-hands, claws and hastae), chainbodies, legs/skirts and helms up to T40.

Cassie's Shield Shop now sells square shields and kiteshields up to T40.

Zeke's Scimitar Shop now sells scimitars (including off-hands) up to T40.

Gnome Shopkeeper's Armoury in Burthorpe now sells off-hand battleaxes and swords.

Flynn's Mace Market in Falador now sells maces (including off-hands) up to T40.

Brian's Battleaxe Bazaar in Port Sarim now sells battleaxes (including off-hands) up to T40.

The Varrock Sword Shop now sells daggers, swords, and longswords (including off-hands) up to T40.

The Lumbridge General store now sells an off-hand bronze dagger.

Beefy Bill's Supplies now sells an off-hand bronze sword.

Martin Thwait in the Rogues' Den now sells main-hand and off-hand knives and claws up to T40.

Blades by Urbi in Sophanem now sells off-hand daggers up to T60 (dragon) and off-hand scimitars up to T20.

Skulgrimen in Rellekka now sells off-hand warhammers up to T50.

Gulluck at the Grand Tree and King Lathas' Armoury now sell off-hand battleaxes up to T40.

The Tribal Weapon Salesman at the Ranging Guild now sells off-hand throwing axes and throwing knives up to T50.

Daga's Scimitar Smithy in Ape Atoll now sells off-hand scimitars up to T60.

Smithing Smith's Shop on Mos Le'Harmless now sells off-hand scimitars up to T30.

Skuli Myrka's Weapons Galore in Jatizso now sells off-hand mithril weapons.

Vigr's Warhammers and Santiri's weapon shop in Keldagrim now sell off-hand weapons.

Poletax in Taverley now sells redberries, red/yellow/black/white beads and bear fur, for use in low-level Defence, Ranged and Magic potions.

Plant pot packs are now available to buy from farming shops.


Seren godbow changes:

Special attack now only costs 30% adrenaline.

A 30 second cooldown has been added to the special attack and the cooldown is displayed on the debuff bar.

Special attack will now work on Yakamaru and Telos P5.

Cannons are now blocked from being placed in the following areas:

Clan Island Area

Clan Citadel Area

Clan Keep Area

Clan Meeting Area

Azure, Viridan, Crimson, Cobalt & Crystal Skillchompa locations

The Linza armour drop rate from Barrows has been increased from 1/512 to 1/192.

Reverting music mode in Burthorpe will now play an appropriate track for the location.

Bats now drop bat bones instead of regular bones (including warped bats in the Lumbridge Catacombs).

Hundreds of monsters that drop main-hand weapons now have an equal chance to drop their off-hand equivalent.

Compacted dragonstone jewellery will no longer be reset when recharging at the Tears of Seren.

Ninja Fixes

There is now a search option in the price checker interface to lookup the price of any item available on the Grand Exchange.

The elite Varrock achievement set now provides a reduced chance of being randomly teleported within the Chaos Tunnels.

Granite and sandstone can now be cut into smaller blocks in a single step, skipping the intermediary steps.

NPCs and Runecrafting locations within the low level Runespan will now display the required Runecrafting level when examining them. NPCs that require level 1 will not display this.

Hefin Worker and Musician outfits can now be disassembled, and players will no longer receive outfit pieces once they are stored within a player-owned house.

Clicking to withdraw coins from the Queen Black Dragon reward chest will now move them to the money pouch.

The Superior mace is now a keepsake item for one handed maces.

The Spirit Gem Bag will now automatically add a new spirit gem when picking up the drop from the floor. This feature will not work if area loot is enabled.

The equipped part name of each ship will now display within the Shipyards interface inside a player-owned port instead of the section name. For example, the ship will display "Tengu Rudder" instead of "Rudders".

The ports interface will now automatically highlight the first available empty slot for Crew within the Ship edit screen when creating new Voyages. This will continue for each empty slot until all slots are filled in which the default Captain slot will be highlighted when entering/leaving the interface.

Hovering over the bosses within the beasts tab will now rotate their model. We believe this makes it at least 37% cooler.

The Ashdale tutorial now starts the player in Revolution mode instead of Full Manual.

Since Revolution largely automates combat, sections of the Ashdale tutorial that (circa EoC release) explained and enforced manual usage of abilities have been simplified or removed.

Removed the level 4 Summoning requirements for the Rune Guardian pet and Soul Wars Slayer pets (except TzRek-Jad pet which still requires 99 Summoning).

The Scroll of Quick Teleportation reward from Dungeoneering has been added to the Scrolling with Power achievement on the trimmed completionist cape.

The Mazcab Teleport spell has been added to the trimmed completionist cape.

The Chronicle absorption prayer will now automatically siphon manifested knowledge chronicles and Divine carpet dust.

The Ring of Stone can now be purchased from TzHaar-Hur-Lek within TzHaar City for 303,000 Tokkul.

Players can now loop the currently playing track via a new loop track button within the music player interface. This will work for tracks within the global book, tracks when entering an area and tracks within a playlist.

Permanent bonfires now have a Configure option to swap the Firemaking and Cooking options, in a similar manner to portable forges.

Greegrees can now be combined by using one on another. The new Swap option can then be used to swap a greegree for any that have been consumed.

Some of the 8 greegrees that had identical names have been renamed to differentiate them.

Feedback messages on greegrees have been updated.

Removing furniture within a player-owned house will now offer a "yes and don't ask me again" option. This resets when logging out.

The build option on furniture hot spots (except doors) within a player-owned house has been moved to be available on a left click.

Players can now use the teleport option on the Skull Sceptre to teleport to a particular floor of the Strongold of Security.

Divination wisps and fountains have been updated to match the colour of energy they provide.

Dimension of Disaster's achievements have been moved to a New Varrock subcategory in the Misc category. Tiny Zemo's pocket book now opens the achievement interface.

The Tiny Taskmaster MQC achievement has been removed, as it's been superceded by the New Varrock achievements.

An achievement has been added for the Menaphos insects of the desert collection. It (and the other Menaphos collections) do not count toward the Taskmaster total, so it's not a completionist requirement.

An achievement has been added for squishing up to 200 corrupted scarabs. Progress has been tracked since the Menaphos release. This does not count toward the Taskmaster total, so is not a completionist requirement.

The Slay Bells Ring II, 'Phite for Your Right II and Game of Tombs II achievements have been removed from the Menaphos Pyramid Scheme achievement required for completionist cape, since they were not required when Menaphos was released.

Boys to Menaphites is no longer listed separately in the Completionist Cape requirements, as it's part of Menaphos Pyramid Scheme which is a completionist cape requirement.

The achievements to complete the Arc journal are now listed in a "Wushanko: The Arc" subcategory in the Misc category of the achievement interface.

The achievements to unlock the Salty title are now listed in the achievement interface in the Miscellaneous category.
TBE for life! https://i.imgur.com/S28jZPD.png
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Posted ImageMooge
Legendary Member I
Convincing Flippers McGraw to join your crew has been added to the requirements for the Salty title.

A milestone for the Arc has been added to the third tab of the achievement interface.

Talking to Sensei Hakase to determine your requirements for the Salty title now opens the achievement interface.

All quests now display their length in the quest overview screen and when hovering their quest start icon on the worldmap.

The quest list can now be organised by quest length.

Quest overview screen changes:

Suggested quests can now be clicked to jump to that quest, like required quests.

The suggested requirement disclaimer has been standardised.

The Fifth/Sixth Age footer has been simplified, removing the expand button and including less text.

Dimension of Disaster has been re-classified as a Sixth Age quest.

The following quests have been re-classified as Fifth Age: Animal Magnetism, Ernest the Chicken, The Fremennik Isles, Glorious Memories, Mountain Daughter, Royal Trouble, Rune Mysteries, Throne of Miscellania, Tower of Life, Underground Pass.

Hero's Welcome now has suggested requirements of One of a Kind and Ritual of the Mahjarrat.

Ritual of the Mahjarrat now has The General's Shadow miniquest as a suggested requirement.

Kindred Spirits now has Deadliest Catch as a suggested requirement.

Birthright of the Dwarves now has The Fremennik Isles and Watchtower as suggested requirements.

Legacy of Seergaze now has Shades of Mort'ton as a suggested requirement.

A quest icon has been added to the Wanted!, Monkey Madness, Recruitment Drive, As a First Resort, Zogre Flesh Eaters, Vampyre Slayer, Dream Mentor, Blood Runs Deep, Between a Rock, Contact!, Legends' Quest, Rag and Bone Man, Monk's Friend, Observatory Quest, Clock Tower, Gertrude's Cat, Fairy Tale I and Fairytale II quests.

Now that all quests have an overview screen (praise be to Mod Stu), clicking a quest in the Featured tab now opens the quest overview, instead of the quest journal.

Reward lamp changes:

Dragon Slayer's Defence and Strength lamp requirements have been lowered from 50 to 40.

The required level for the reward lamps of Dragon Slayer and The Knight's Sword are now listed in their quest overview, and if not yet claimed there's a reminder in the quest's journal.

The Dragon Slayer and The Knight's Sword reward lamps are now bankable. (Though they can be destroyed and reclaimed from the quest giver when needed.)

The Vampyre Slayer Attack XP lamp can now be used in any basic combat skill.

The Prayer XP for completing the One Piercing Note quest is now awarded in the form of a lamp.

The Summoning XP for completing the Wolf Whistle quest is now awarded in the form of a lamp.

Last week's hotfixes

28/11, 9:00 UTC: Fixed an issue that was causing Ironman firsts broadcasts to retrigger.

28/11, 10:40 UTC: Fixed an issue with the powers button on the ribbon not working correctly during The Blood Pact quest.

28/11, 17:00 UTC: Expired 2017 premier club members can once again use their Desert Pantheon aura up until the end of the year.

29/11, 10:50 UTC: Applied a further fix to correct players during the Blood Pact quest.

01/12, 9:50 UTC: Fixed the Treasure Hunter "key earned" popup repeatedly appearing.
TBE for life! https://i.imgur.com/S28jZPD.png
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